Dr Phil: Lazy and Entitled Daughter, Tracy Tries To Take Her Life Back


Dr Phil: Lazy and Entitled Kid

Tracy’s home has been trashed. There are dirty dishes everywhere, stains and piles left by dogs, holes in her walls and trash everywhere. The home is in foreclosure, but her daughter Ashley is living there, rent-free, with her boyfriend Andrew. Tracy said it was the worst decision she ever made letting them live there, but now Dr. Phil has to help her find a way to fix her relationship with Ashley.

Dr Phil: Lazy and Entitled Daughter, Tracy Tries To Take Her Life Back

Tracy told Dr. Phil that her daughter Ashley is a lazy and entitled kid.


This is a cautionary tale for parents. Tracy is parenting from guilt. She couldn’t give Ashley the life she wanted to, so she buys her the life instead. Tracy asked Dr. Phil, “I haven’t prepared her, so what do I do now?”

Dr Phil: Tracy’s Home Is In Foreclosure

Tracy has Ashley and Andrew working for her company, but she said it’s time they find new jobs. Tracy can’t pay her bills and doesn’t believe her daughter is going to change. She’s tried kicking the two out, but she can’t stand the thought of her daughter living on the streets. She wants Ashley to shape up and get a job.

Ashley said she’s looked for jobs but had no luck. If she doesn’t work, Tracy said Ashley sleeps all day. The couple has their own floor in Tracy’s old home, fitted with a microwave and refrigerator so they don’t have to go downstairs. Tracy brought the Dr. Phil cameras buy to show them the house. Ashley and Andrew had cleaned the place thoroughly and it didn’t look horrible.


Tracy asked why Ashley couldn’t have done it sooner. Why did she want to fix it up for Dr. Phil and not her mom?

Dr Phil: Ashley’s Excuse

Ashley said she is offended by her mother’s accusations of freeloading. She said her mom pays her and Andrew based on her mood. She said she never asks for anything she didn’t work for.

She got to tell her side of the story a little later in the show.


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