Dr Phil: Kids Choosing Sides In Divorce & Jodi Divorcing Her Children


Dr Phil: Jodi & Elyssia vs Karlyn

Today’s family was a normal family until 12 years ago. Jodi and her husband divorced when she grew tired of his drunken behavior. She feared for her life and wanted to get a year-long restraining order.

Karlyn sided with her father and brothers because she never witnessed any abuse in their home. Her mother said that her husband’s behavior was no secret in their home. One day, Karlyn got a call that her mother had put her belongings on the curb and she was changing the locks. Jodi tells a different tale. She said that she had to change the locks because the kids stole her TV and furniture.


Dr Phil: Kids Choosing Sides In Divorce & Jodi Divorcing Her Children

Dr Phil said that making kids choose sides in a divorce is a bad parenting idea. Jodi sided with the only daughter that supported her and cast the others off.

Elyssia, the youngest daughter, sided with their mother. She said that Karlyn was manipulating her brothers into taking her side. The siblings splintered off and they haven’t spoken in 10 years. They haven’t spoken to their mother in 12 years, even though they live five miles away.

Dr Phil: Jodi Divorcing Her Children

Jodi said she wants to resolve the issues with her children. Elyssia would love to bury the hatchet. Jodi and Elyssia want to be clear that they are the ones that are right. Karlyn wants to know how her mother could abandon her family. She doesn’t feel like it’s normal for a mother to do these things to her children. She wants to know if the situation is fixable.


Dr Phil told the women that if they could get over being right they might be able to fix their relationship.

Dr Phil: Choosing Sides

Jodi said that Karlyn abused Elyssia as a child. She thinks that her oldest daughter was jealous about Elyssia. Elyssia was her “shining star” and Karlyn was just jealous.

Jodi said that Karlyn was a princess, selfish, not a hard worker and a boss. Jodi thought that Karlyn’s behavior as a child translated into her adult life, but she doesn’t know her daughter as an adult. She said this is sad, but you shouldn’t hold someone’s childhood activities against them as an adult.

Dr Phil: Divorce & Kids

Dr Phil said that divorce and fights between parents can have a different effect on kids. Karlyn doesn’t remember her mother being abused and bruised by their father. She does remember her mother’s boyfriend choking her. Jodi doesn’t understand how her daughter could forget everything about her abusive marriage.


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