Dr. Phil: Is She Ignoring Her Daughter Because Her Son Is So Violent?


Dr. Phil: Mother Scared Of Son

Dr. Phil sat down with Amie, who says she’s terrified of her 7-year-old son Jayden, because his tantrums get so violent, she has to call the police on him. Jayden already weighs more than she does and she fears for her safety. She’s worried Jayden could become a “baby sociopath”.

Dr. Phil: What Does Her Daughter Say?

Amie’s daughter Alexis was also there. She said that her mom often forgets about her because she’s so concerned with Jayden. Amie said it feels like she’s not important most of the time and she feels left out. She also said she hates seeing what this is doing to her mom.


Dr. Phil: Is She Ignoring Her Daughter Because Her Son Is So Violent?

Dr. Phil talked to Jayden’s sister Alexis to find out how she felt in her family and also heard from Jayden’s grandmother, who is scared of him. (MMaster / Shutterstock.com)

“I hate seeing my mom cry. I mean, it makes me cry because she’s my mom,” Alexis said.

Alexis said she’s worried about Amie because she’s constantly in survivor mode. Alexis said that Chad is a bad father because he’s not there for Jayden. It’s important to be clear that Chad isn’t Alexis’s father, just Jayden’s.


Dr. Phil: Is He A Bad Dad?

Alexis has seen mean texts sent by Chad to Amie, saying he didn’t want to be in Jayden’s life anymore. She also said she’s never seen Chad be mean to Jayden because she thought he wanted Jayden to think of him as the cool dad.

Dr. Phil: Violent Brother

Alexis joined them in the studio and she said she gets along with Jayden okay most of the time. But if he’s having one of his moods, it turns ugly. He said Jayden will freak out between 3 or 4 times per day.

Alexis said she thinks she’s missing love from her mother because her mom is always so concerned about Jayden. All the attention is on him.

“Has it occurred to you that maybe you just need to just become a big problem and you’d get a lot of attention?” Dr. Phil said.

Alexis said that hasn’t crossed her mind. She doesn’t try to be a burden, because she knows her mom has a lot to deal with. She gets good grades in school and she’s a cheerleader. She’s in the National Honor Society.

Dr. Phil: What Does His Grandmother Say?

Amie’s mom Tammy also joined them. Tammy said that Jayden is incredibly violent. One time, Jayden was watching a movie and he wanted to continue watching the movie and he got angry with Tammy. He picked up a belt and kept taunting her with it. Then he finally acted like he was going to put it down and then he threw it at her. She got a bloody nose and a fat lip.

“Another time, about a year ago, Jayden and I were riding in the car and we were going to the library and everything was fine. And he said, ‘Grammy, I love you, but I am going to kill you.’ I never thought I’d have a grandson like Jayden,” Tammy said.


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