Dr Phil: How To Be the Hero & Reuniting Family After 12 Years Apart


Dr Phil: Family Drama

Dr Phil is working with Jodi and her adult children. Karlyn and her brother Blake feel that they were abandoned by their mother when they sided with their father in the divorce. Elyssia sided with Jodi and the family splintered. They haven’t talked in 12 years and things are very tense.

Dr Phil: My Mother Is Dead

Dr Phil: How To Be the Hero & Reuniting Family After 12 Years Apart

Dr Phil told Jodi that she should be the hero to step up and fix the family. Even if they don’t agree on who caused the situation, they need to bury the hatchet.


Jodi said that Karlyn called to get some photos of the kids when they were young. She refused to give them because they were the only happy memories that she had left. Karlyn told her, “well, I am your daughter.” Jodi came back and told her that she was no longer her daughter.

Karlyn told Dr Phil that she feels like her mother is dead. Her mother isn’t there for her anymore and she’s upset. Dr Phil didn’t want to hear about her trouble, he wanted to focus on Jodi.

Dr Phil: Karlyn’s Bad Timing

Karlyn is hurt, that’s no secret. What is weird about this is that Dr Phil doesn’t want to heal hurt with Karlyn, he’s focusing on Jodi. He thinks that as a mother Jodi can reunite her family. It’s pretty clear that Karlyn doesn’t respect her mother or what she did to her and the family. If Dr Phil doesn’t focus a little on Karlyn, he’s never going to fix the situation.


Dr Phil: Solving the Family Drama

Even though this family has been fighting, Karlyn still loves her sister and her mom. They all love each other. He thinks that someone needs to step up and love everyone. The situation needs a hero.

The first step is to meet up in a public place, where they aren’t likely to throw a fit, and enjoy the family moment. They can build from there and work on counseling. He thinks that Jodi should be the hero and apologize.

Dr Phil: Family Reunited

Jodi stood up and asked for her children’s forgiveness. She told them how much she loves them and hoped that they could heal their hurts. Karlyn reluctantly accepted the offer and so did Blake.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

Here are Dr Phil’s final tips for helping kids get through a divorce:

  • Be honest and do it in an age-appropriate way. Don’t take them into situations they dont understand
  • Acknowledge their feelings. Comfort them and tell them the situation is not their fault. 
  • Be fair and don’t bad mouth the other parent. 
  • Tell them you love them, even though their parents aren’t together anymore. 


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