Dr Phil: Helicopter Granny Breaks Into Kids’ Home & Throws Out Alcohol


Dr Phil: Helicopter Granny

Joann proudly proclaims that she is a helicopter granny. She lives on a huge ranch surrounded by her kids and their families. She will ride her John Deere tractor to check in on each of them everyday. Joann sees nothing wrong with jumping fences, breaking in or throwing out their alcohol.

Her children wish that she would just call before coming over. Her daughter Angie bought a “Mom Alert” doorbell that rings if she comes through a fence or jumps it. Angie thinks her mother is smothering her.


Dr Phil: Joann Hates Alcohol

Dr Phil: Helicopter Granny Breaks Into Kids' Home & Throws Out Alcohol

Joann does what she wants. She sees nothing wrong with being a helicopter granny and checking in on her kids. She thinks they love it.

Joann said that she is afraid of her children drinking alcohol. She goes to their homes and pours any that she finds down the drain. She doesn’t want her children “abusing” their bodies with alcohol and cigarettes.


She came to Angie’s house, uninvited, during one of her parties. The guests were walking around in swim suits drinking. Joann stared at the guests until they were so uncomfortable that they left.

Dr Phil: Smothering Grandma

Joann believes that Dr Phil gave his son Jay The Doctors so that he could keep him close by. She said she sees nothing wrong with going over, doing dishes and cleaning their homes. She sees this as taking care of her kids. She wanted to knows if Dr Phil thinks she is smothering her kids, but she doesn’t care to apply his advice to her life.

“No disrespect,” Joann said. “But not Dr Phil or any other quack is going to tell me what to do.”

Yes, she just called Dr Phil a quack. After some quick backpedaling and word twisting, Dr Phil realized that she was right. He’s not going to be able to change her opinions, actions or lifestyle.


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