Dr Phil Foundation, Hero Bus Driver Charles Poland & Ethan’s Trauma


Dr Phil Foundation

Senator Harri Anne Smith was one of the first people to comfort Jennifer after her son Ethan was abducted. Smith drove to Midland City, AL and saw Jennifer sitting on a curb crying. She walked up to her and put her arm about Jennifer. Jennifer asked who she was and Smith responded “I’m a mother.”

Smith said she had never seen anyone with as much compassion and bravery as Jennifer. The FBI told them that the bunker was surrounded by snipers and they promised to get Ethan back to her. Jennfier said, “I understand that man is sick. Don’t hurt him.” Smith said she broke into tears and told Jennifer she would do everything to get Ethan back.


Dr Phil: Alabama Hostage Survivor

Dr Phil Foundation, Hero Bus Driver Charles Poland & Ethan's Trauma

Dr. Phil will be staying in contact with Ethan and treating him through the drama. (s_buckley / Shutterstock.com)

Smith said that Dr. Phil was the best person to help Ethan and Jennifer. She is grateful that he is doing all of this for free and thinks he has the best qualifications to help. He has true concern for Ethan. Dr. Phil said he brought the best of the best with him and they will stick with Ethan going forward.

Dr Phil: Ethan’s Secret Trauma

Dr. Phil brought Ethan presents for his birthday, which was just two days before their interview. They played on the floor with Legos and Dr. Phil was careful not to ask him direct questions about the trauma he experienced. He did ask him how he gets to school everyday and Ethan said he walked and took the bus. At this point, Ethan went to his mom and whispered, “My bus driver is dead.” He refused to tell Dr. Phil his secret.


Dr. Charles Sophy is a trauma specialist and is going to work with Ethan going forward. He thinks that Ethan didn’t take in a lot in the bunker. There was shelter, food, water and toys there and that’s what mattered to him. Dr. Sophy said he didn’t tell Dr. Phil his secret about his bus driver because he doesn’t know if the rest of the world knows. Ethan still has to deal with the events and needs to voice his feelings.

Dr Phil: Charles Poland & Dr. Phil Foundation

The episode was dedicated to the man that gave his life to protect the children on the school bus, Charles Poland. Jennifer said she wants to meet his family and wants them to know the Poland was a hero.

The Dr. Phil Foundation is going to take donations and help to set up a fund for Ethan. The money will help Ethan have a fresh start and help them in the future.


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