Dr Phil: Five Questions That You Need To Ask During a Custody Battle


Dr Phil: Wade vs. Wade Custody Battle

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade is in a custody battle with her ex-husband Dwyane Wade, a star NBA player for the Miami Heat. She’s come to Dr Phil in hopes of clearing the air about her reputation in the media and showing the world that she is not going to stop fighting for her sons.

Dr Phil: Five Questions That You Need To Ask During a Custody Battle

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade told Dr. Phil that she is going to tell the truth to get her sons back. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


After a heated court hearing and Dwyane’s celebrity status rocked her, Siohvaughn is fighting back. She’s started law school and a women’s empowerment movement. She’s determined to show the bloggers that called her a “crazy baby mama” just how hard she’s going to fight.

Dr Phil: Did Dwyane Wade Hurt His Children?

Siohvaughn brought photos that she said prove that her boys are not safe with their father. Her young son had a black eye and cuts on his nose. The photo could not show it but she said he also had a sprained back.

As a former court-appointed therapist, Dr Phil said this looks very suspect. He said if it is true he is very concerned for the children. Siohvaughn said her custody evaluator was one of the best in her area and she did many reports and had many witnesses that thought the children should be with their mother.


Dr Phil said that Siohvaughn’s tactics are not working. If she wants her kids back she needs to find a new way to change the peoples’ minds. She said she tried to reach out to Dywane, but she learned that you can’t control the other parent. Siohvaughn said that the truth may be an ugly one but she needs to tell it.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

Dr Phil said that in a custody battle you must put your children first. Here are his five questions you must ask yourself during a custody battle.

  1. Have you been a devoted and dedicated parent from a distance?
  2. Have you completed all your visits with the children?
  3. Have you maximized every opportunity to see these kids in a quality way?
  4. Do you spend every opportunity with these children?
  5. Do you take any opportunity to see these children?

These questions will help you be a better parent to your children.


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