Dr Phil: Explosive Teen Backstage & Aspen Education Group Review


Dr Phil: Explosive Teen Backstage

Tracy and Clint’s out of control teen daughter, Callie, has been violent at home. Dr Phil recommended that the family consider placing her in a wilderness alternative program through the Aspen Education Group. When Dr Phil sent 17-year-old Callie and her parents, Tracy and Clint, backstage to discuss what they should do to improve their family situation, Callie was already in tears.

Dr Phil: Explosive Teen Backstage & Aspen Education Group Review

Dr Phil partnered with the Aspen Education Group to find a wilderness program in Idaho that Callie could attend. Backstage, the teen lashed out at everyone.


“I’ve never hated you so much in my whole life,” she said.

Callie continued to yell and scream, saying that her parents humiliated her and she would never forgive them. Tracy said she could not reconcile the two different sides of her daughter’s personality.

Dr Phil: Aspen Education Group Review

Callie threatened her parents and put all the blame on her parents. Tracy said she thought the family had an opportunity for a miracle. The family met with Kristen Hayes, who explained the Aspen Education Group’s wilderness program in Idaho.


Kristen explained that the program lets teens and parents get away and get perspective, with counseling for the entire family. Tracy and Clint agreed to send their daughter away for the alternative program.

Upon seeing that she had no choice in the matter, Callie broke down, swearing she would never come home and hoped to overdose and die, just to make her parents feel bad. The show also provided Michael, a professional transporter, to accompany her to the facility.

Dr Phil: Teenage Crisis Intervention

Dr Phil met with the parents backstage, explaining that Callie was a loose cannon and encouraging them that they were doing the right thing by intervening. “This has gone on way too long,” he said, advising them to stand firm in their choice.

In a small room backstage, Callie cried for her mother. When Tracy arrived, Callie whined and cried, demanding that her mother change her mind. “What have you done?” she screamed.

Callie said she would refuse to leave the room with Mike, the transporter. That has to be a terrible job.

Dr Phil: Idaho Teen Wilderness Program

Callie insisted that she would not make the trip to Idaho. Eventually she agreed to get in the van, because they bribed her with an opportunity to talk to her mother one more time.

It’s kind of gross that they videotaped this entire thing. Callie was despondent about her parents’ decision and could not understand her mother’s reasoning. Eventually, Tracy left and the van departed the lot.

Finally, Dr Phil said it is not typical for teenagers to act out in dangerous, self-destructive situations. Early intervention is key, he said, noting that teens want immediate gratification. “Remember, you’re a parent, not a pal,” he said.



  1. Devara says

    That kid needed a good swift kick in the arse. I hope they can straighten her out before it’s too late. And that they take any turn around in her behavior for what it probably is – manipulation. This girl is a master manipulator, and I would be wary of any sudden changes in her behavior.

  2. Wayne says

    Dealing with a child with a program of deprovation and abuse is insane. Her step father video of her in her bra was creepy. Callie is out of control? Maybe dr.Phil and the step fathers urges should be investigated.

  3. ceno says

    I would love to see what happened after she was went to the ranch. Or at least be given the full update of her progress there, and also were and how she is doing now.

  4. Wayne says

    Thyere will be no crowing or follow up by Dr. Phil. This will be a total abject failure. This girl will not respond to deprovation therapy.

  5. says

    I found her ask-account. She returned home as herself. They didn’t break her spirit. Most important she returned home instead of so many teenagers who have died in these wilderness programs.

  6. Wayne says

    Callie stated she was in the teen prison for 60 days. During the 60 days part of the time she was posting on twitter? You don’t get to post on twitter from these places? Something smells somewhere. I think the audience was had..

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