Dr Phil: Divorce & Children, Laurie & John’s Parenting Plan Of Action


Dr Phil: Stability For Laurie and John’s Kids

Laurie and John’s kids want stability. Their lives have been torn apart by divorce and they are unstable with their father. They said their dad gets violent and has rampages against them.

The boys said they want their dad to stop hitting them. They want care and love from their dad. John says he loves them every night before bed, but when he smacks them all they think is that he is a liar. They want to see their mom more than a couple times a year. They want her to move back to Florida and to be with them.


Dr Phil: Divorce & Children, Laurie & John's Parenting Plan Of Action

Dr. Phil gave Laurie and John a parenting plan of action to help them take control of their children’s lives.

Dr Phil: The Kids Exaggerate

John stood up for himself and said that the kids were exaggerating when they said he hit them. He admitted to spanking them. Laurie doesn’t want to get back together with John, but if she moves back to Florida the boys would move back in with her. She still wants John to be accountable for the kids and provide monetarily for them. She said she wants the lies and drinking to stop. John needs to stand up for himself and his kids. Laurie feels it’s not fair for him to get off without any responsibility.

Dr Phil: Making a Priority List

Dr Phil wants Laurie and John to make a priority list. At the top should be the safety and security of their children. He said if they work on anything else on the list before that top priority they should stop and go back to the top. The current situation is not working.


Dr Phil: John’s Parenting Plan Of Action

Dr Phil gave John a plan to follow to better his relationship with his kids. He made a serious mistake by engaging his kids physically. He needs to be a calm force in their lives. One of Dr. Phil’s suggestions for helping children with divorced parents is assurance of safety. They need structure and security in their lives. They need to bring order to their family and Dr. Phil offered to provide help for John. He needs to redefine his relationship with his kids and his kids need to be more respectful.

Dr Phil: Laurie’s Parenting Plan Of Action

For Laurie, Dr. Phil wants her to take action immediately. Her kids are still in the parenting stage. Laurie basically abdicated her role as a parent and it’s time for her to step back in. If that messes up her relationship with Joe, that’s too bad. You make sacrifices for your kids. The boys have begged her to come back and said it’s time for her to plug back in.

She should react with urgency to these reports of violence. The kids are still in the preventative stage. If they do not learn to respect authority it will lead to problems later in life.


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