Dr. Phil: Do Her Daughters Think She Should Stay Married To An Abuser?


Dr. Phil: What Do Her Kids Think?

Dr. Phil: Do Her Daughters Think She Should Stay Married To An Abuser?

Dr. Phil heard from Dana’s daughters and her mother to hear what they thought of Dana’s relationship to Frank and Frank’s abuse. And Dr. Phil gave his advice to the couple. (Marko Poplasen / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Phil has been sitting down with Frank and Dana, who got married after only eight weeks of knowing each other. Frank has become abusive and hid his record of domestic abuse from Dana. He also has a huge gambling problem she didn’t know about and has taken money from both her and her kids.


Now, Dr. Phil talked to Dana’s three teenage daughters Helena, Lauren, and Heidi. Helena said that she felt like she was helpless because she wanted to help her mom but didn’t know how.

Dr. Phil read a quote from Helena where she said it was insane to get married after two months. Helena said it’s insane because you don’t get to see them outside of when they’re putting on a front for you like people do when they’re first dating.

Dr. Phil: Why Did She Call 911?

Helena also had to call 911 at one point, because Frank had hit her mom. Helena said Frank’s ring had cut Dana’s chin from the hit.


Dr. Phil also asked Heidi what she thought of all of this. Heidi said she wasn’t sure it was a good thing they even met in the first place.

Helena said they needed to get help because they’re a good pair when they’re together. Dr. Phil said the three of them were “incredibly generous in spirit” and that it was a credit to Dana for raising good girls.

Dr. Phil: What Does Her Mom Think?

Dana’s mom Linda talked to Dr. Phil over satellite and said that Frank and Dana have been sending a message to the girls that domestic violence is okay. Linda said the girls need a stable home and good role models, which Dana and Frank aren’t being.

Dr. Phil’s Advice For This Couple

Dr. Phil said when he used to do marriage counseling, he would sometimes not be able to stand either of the people. He seemed to be implying he didn’t like either Dana or Frank. But in any case, he said people shouldn’t get married unless they’ve seen the other person with the flu. There’s a difference between falling in love and being in love. Being in love is the day to day thing and it’s a lot harder.

Frank said he wanted this relationship to work, but Dana said she wasn’t so sure, especially given all that she’s learned in Dr. Phil’s studio. She said she felt pretty numb.

Dr. Phil said that the two of them need to not live under the same roof and do pre-martial counseling to get to know each other very well. Dr. Phil said he was going to get Frank some help with gambling and his impulse control issues, and Frank agreed.

Dana also agreed to let Dr. Phil give them help in their relationship to improve it and make sure they have the same values. Dr. Phil said without this help, they should get divorced immediately. But Dana and Frank were on board, so it looks like they’re going to try to make it work.


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