Dr Phil: Child Abuse Accusation & Who Is Responsible For Child Safety?


Dr Phil: Former Friends Fight

Crystal and Megan are former friends now battling for custody of Crystal’s daughter, Alannah. Crystal admitted that she has abused Megan’s friendship to take advantage of free childcare. But is she now accusing Megan of child abuse?

Dr Phil: Inappropriate Relationship?

Dr Phil: Child Abuse Accusation & Who Is Responsible For Child Safety?

Accusations of child abuse came up on Dr Phil’s show in a dispute between former friends of the custody of a child. Who is responsible for her safety?


Megan denied a claim that she wanted to be in a romantic relationship with Crystal. Megan dates women but is currently single, and Crystal claims she is afraid Megan is acting inappropriately with Alannah.

Supposedly, Megan and Alannah kissed her on the lips and gave her cold sores. Megan feels that it is not abnormal for a mother figure to hug or kiss a child. The women have different accounts of an occasion where Alannah slept in the same bed with Megan and another woman.

Dr Phil: Child Abuse Accusation

Dr Phil questioned Crystal’s motives for accusing Megan of being inappropriate, wondering if it was just a ploy to keep the drama going. Crystal seemed to back off the claim when Megan and Dr Phil pressed her on it. Then Crystal threw Dr Phil’s producers under the bus and blamed the editing of her interviews for making it look like she was accusing her former friend.


Megan said she believes Crystal is sober, and that she loves Alannah and her other children, and that Crystal wants the best for all of them. Dr Phil wondered why, as a best friend, she would not take a more supportive approach rather than being adversarial.

According to Megan, that tack has not worked in the past. “I want her to get a job. I want her to do it for herself, and to do for her children,” she said. Who do you believe?

Dr Phil: Temporary Custody Order

Crystal has temporary custody of her biological daughter Alannah, but the court battle is ongoing. Former best friend Megan has raised Alannah off and on for the past eight years, and thinks she can provide a more stable home for her. Now, Crystal is ready to cut Megan out of Alannah’s life forever.

Dr Phil: Genetically Engineered Child

Megan bristled at accusations that she is obsessed with Alannah, or is trying to genetically engineer a child that looks like the girl. She said that Crystal is lying about that accusation.

She said that she is amenable to dropping her claim to Crystal’s child, as long as Megan can still have visitation and access. “You have to prove that you’re not going to put these children in danger,” Megan said.

Dr Phil: Who Is Responsible For Child Safety?

Dr Phil reminded everyone that Crystal has to prove to the government that she is fit to be a parent. He thought Megan was acting out of bounds, but Megan said she and Crystal grew up as close as family members, and she hopes that Crystal can achieve a successful life.

But Crystal said Megan is completely responsible for her current problems with the state (though Dr Phil reminded her she had a stack of 20 prior complaints). Crystal said all the accusations have been “unfounded,” except on one occasion.


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