Dr Phil: Catastrophic Language With Siblings & Family Of Right Finders


Dr Phil: Jodi vs Her Kids

Jodi and her children are trying to figure out what went wrong. When she divorced their father 12 years ago things with her children took a turn for the worse. The kids were forced to take sides and she kicked them out. It’s a bunch of he-said-she-said.

Dr Phil: Elyssia the Angel

Blake wants to know why his mother never tried to build a relationship with her three other children. Elyssia said that her siblings never tried to contact their mother and forbid Elyssia from giving her their phone numbers.


Dr Phil: Catastrophic Language With Siblings & Family Of Right Finders

Dr Phil told Karlyn and Elyssia that they use catastrophic language with each other and blow things out of proportion.

Dr Phil said that this family is a bunch of right finders. Elyssia spent two minutes telling everyone that she was right and her siblings were wrong. Dr Phil called her out on it and Elyssia just kept going to prove herself the good one.

Dr Phil: What Does Jodi Want?

In the time that this family has been fighting, Jodi has missed 12 years of birthdays, Mother’s Days and Christmases. She’s missed weddings, engagements, her son going to Iraq and the birth of her grandkids. Jodi said that she regrets missing it all and wants to be a family leader.


When the children were younger, she was the leader. They admitted that she was an excellent mom. Now they are going after each other. The youngest son Jordan said that his sister Elyssia wouldn’t go to Blake’s wedding because she was mad at him. That was the last straw and they haven’t spoken since.

Dr Phil: Catastrophic Language

Dr Phil said this family is on self-destruct. The family uses nuclear words. Elyssia used phrases like “I’m an only child” and “sticking your head in a piranha tank.” The siblings called each other trash and blamed each other. He said they are being melodramatic and used catastrophic language.


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