Dr Phil: Can A Friend Get Custody Of Your Child? Best Friends Battle


Dr Phil: Child Custody

It is a nightmare for any parent: losing custody of your child. When it happened to Crystal, there was another blow yet to come. The person who got custody of her daughter was her best friend, Megan. How can a friend get custody of your child?

Dr Phil: Can A Friend Get Custody Of Your Child?


Crystal said that Megan went to court behind her back to get custody of her daughter. Crystal claims that Megan lied and manipulated the court to get control of her young child.

Megan would not allow Crystal unsupervised visits with her daughter, and tensions between the former friends have come to a head. Dr Phil wanted to get to the bottom of how an unrelated friend was successful in her claim for sole custody.

Dr Phil: Child Protective Services Complaints

Dr Phil: Can A Friend Get Custody Of Your Child? Best Friends Battle

Dr Phil met Crystal and Megan, two former best friends at odds over Crystal’s biological daughter, Alannah. How can a friend get custody of your child?


According to Megan, Crystal is unemployed, homeless, and exposes her daughter to her relationships with various men. Crystal said that Child Protective Services has had 20 complaints on her in the past decade, which does not sound the best.

Megan said that Crystal asked her to take care of Alanna when Crystal wanted to move in with a new boyfriend. That relationship fizzled and Crystal moved three hours away, once again leaving her daughter with Megan.

The best friend tried to keep Alannah in school, and pursued custody after learning that Crystal wanted to move Alannah and her other kids into a shelter.

Dr Phil: Best Friends Custody Battle

Crystal’s version of the story is that Megan contrived this whole plan over the course of several years, because she wants to raise the girl as her own. She said that she even hatched a kidnapping plan to get her daughter back from her former friend.

Allegedly, Megan lashed out when Crystal announced that she planned to get married and move to another state. The fight went on for months, but recently, Crystal won sole temporary custody of her biological daughter.

But another court date is on the horizon, and Megan plans to keep fighting for Alannah.

Dr Phil: Childhood Friends Crystal & Megan

On Dr Phil’s stage, Crystal and Megan said they had been friends since their childhood years. But Megan thinks Crystal is not fit to parent her daughter, because of her pattern of inconsistent behavior and changing relationships.

Crystal questioned the timing of Megan’s complaints to authorities about her parenting concerns. Crystal said that she lied about her plans to move away because she feared what Megan would do.

In addition to Alannah, there are two other children living with Crystal. Dr Phil had a lot of questions.


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