Dr Phil Boy In The Bunker: Jimmy Lee Dykes Shot & Killed In Bunker


Dr Phil: The Boy In The Bunker

For the first time, Jennifer Kirkland is speaking out about her son’s abduction. Her then 5-year-old son, Ethan, was coming home on the school bus when Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded the bus, shot the bus driver and kidnapped Ethan. The country was plugged into the situation for a week until the FBI were able to get into the bunker and rescue Ethan. Dykes was shot and killed. Ethan is now back home and celebrated his sixth birthday days later.

Dr Phil: Alabama Boy Abducted

Dr Phil Boy In The Bunker: Jimmy Lee Dykes Shot & Killed In Bunker

Dr Phil has the exclusive interview with the mother of the boy who was abducted and held in a bunker for a week.


It had been a normal day in Midland City, AL. Jennifer was waiting for her son’s bus to come, but the bus was half an hour late. A neighbor came out and told Jennifer that their bus driver had been shot and killed. Moments later a sheriff and the principal of the school arrived and told Jennifer she had to come with them.

Ethan had been taken into a 6×8′ bunker. The FBI was called in and were able to communicate with Dykes through a ventilation shaft. They delivered food, medication and Ethan’s toys for seven days, trying to reason with Dykes. They were able to get a small camera in to spy on Dykes and forbid the media from talking about what they knew because Dykes had internet and cable in the bunker.

On the seventh day communication began to break down. Dykes was walking in the bunker with a gun at all times. When he climbed up on a ladder to retrieve supplies, the FBI threw stun grenades down the shaft to disorient him. In a moment 14 armed FBI agents were in the bunker. They shot and killed Dykes and rescued Ethan.


Dr Phil: Bus Driver Charles Poland

Jennifer’s world was turned upside down when she learned that Ethan was taken. She said he sat right behind the bus driver, a nice man named Charles Poland. Ethan and Poland were good friends. Poland would help Ethan conquer his fears and get down the bus steps.

Dr Phil: Jimmy Lee Dykes Anti-Government

Dykes’ neighbor helped him dig the bunker, which he claimed was a weather shelter. Red flags went off when Dykes asked the neighbor if anyone would be able to hear screams above ground.

Other neighbors said that Dykes was an antisocial, anti-government person who hated everyone.


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