Dr Phil: Aspen Education Group Sends Lexi To Youth Wilderness Program


Dr Phil: The Solution To Violence

These parents and teens have dealt with high emotions and hard times for too long. Lexi and Rita need a long break from each other to try and fix some of the damage that they have gone through. Jennifer and her daughter have gone through a similar situation, and Dr. Phil wants to get them all back to a healthy life.

He believes these women are in way over their heads. The demands of their children are currently too great and they have beaten down their parenting skills. He suggested that another group step in and help the teens while the parents work on themselves at home.


Dr Phil: Aspen Education Group Sends Lexi To Youth Wilderness Program

Lexi and Jennifer’s daughter were taken to different treatment facilities provided by the Aspen Education Group.

Dr Phil: Aspen Education Group

Both girls will be placed in therapy centers provided by the Aspen Education Group that focus on education and specific needs for young teens. He said he wanted to send the parents away as well, but they have commitments at home and other children to look after. It is their job to work on their parenting while the girls are away. Their job now is to get them there.

Jennifer’s daughter will be sent to a program in North Carolina. She will get help with her limiting beliefs and pursuing constructive goals and treatments.


Lexi is being sent to a youth wilderness program in Idaho. They excel at working with young teens and forming new relationships. Dr. Phil said the program is perfect for Lexi.

Dr Phil: Lexi Goes With a Fight

When Dr. Phil’s team told Lexi where she was going, she blew up. She screamed and punched the therapists that had come to take her. She begged Rita to let her stay and cried when they told her Rita was leaving. She got peacefully in the car while her brother and mom watched. Lexi begged once more to go home, but her mother said the right thing was for her to go. Rita said she was worried and scared, but knew she was doing the right thing.

Jennifer requested that she and her daughter return home after the taping. She later called Dr. Phil and requested that the center come out and take her daughter to the treatment facility.


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