Dr Phil Advice For Kids Dealing With Divorce & Giving Marriage 90 Days


Dr Phil: Unfaithful Husband & Cheating Wife

Dawn and James are in a marriage meltdown. They’ve been cheating, fighting and abusing each other for years. Dawn has turned her kids against their father and James hasn’t given the kids a reason to respect him.

Their kids want to know how to fix their family. Can Dawn and James work things out or does Dr Phil recommend they terminate the marriage?


Dr Phil Advice For Kids Dealing With Divorce & Giving Marriage 90 Days

Dr Phil said that you should never put your kids in the middle of situations they don’t understand, especially when dealing with divorce.

Dr Phil: Kids Forced To Pick a Side

Dr Phil said that you should never make your children deal with situations they can’t control. They feel helpless in the situation because they don’t know how to cope with these problems.

Secondly, parents shouldn’t make their kids deal with adult decisions. They have no skill sets to deal with these problems. Parents shouldn’t make their kids choose sides.


Dr Phil: Should You Get a Divorce?

Dr Phil said that Dawn and James need to earn the right to get a divorce. They shouldn’t turn away and run to affairs. He said they owe it to themselves and their kids to exhaust every option before getting a divorce. It’s going to take a lot of work to earn that.

Dr Phil asked them to take 90 days to try and work things out. After that they will either be working their marriage out or ready to separate. James and Dawn gave Dr Phil their word. The kids may come in at the end of the 90 days, but this will give them more reason to trust their parents.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

Dr Phil hopes that this story is a cautionary tale that will help other families. There is a right way and a wrong way to work things out. You shouldn’t make your kids choose sides. Let kids be kids and keep them out of the fighting.


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