Dr Phil: 17-Year-Old Molly Reasons For Becoming an Escort & Using Men


Dr Phil: Molly the Escort

Molly is not your average 17-year-old girl. She and a friend started an escort service in order to make a lot of money fast. She called herself Candi and slept with men for money. She saw nothing wrong with the act. Molly said she was just using her skill and talent to make money.

Molly’s mother Kathy was alerted by a friend of Molly’s on Facebook that Molly was doing an escort service. Kathy searched the internet and found Molly’s picture. Kathy put a tracker on Molly’s phone and then called the police when she saw her go to a motel.


Kathy told Dr Phil that it’s hard and it’s not what she had hoped for her daughter’s life.

Dr Phil: Making Men Smile

Molly said that when her mother called the police it ruined everything. She was making $200 for half an hour and $300 for a full hour. She and her friend split the money 50/50.


Dr Phil: 17-Year-Old Molly Reasons For Becoming an Escort & Using Men

Molly told Dr Phil how she got into the escort business and why she sees nothing wrong with what she was doing.

“I got paid to make men smile,” Molly told the police when she was arrested.

Molly said she knows what she did was not morally right, but there is a difference between sleeping with a random guy and making love. She said that people use people for this kind of thing all the time. What is the difference in Molly doing it?

Dr Phil: Molly Gets Used

There were times when Molly felt endangered. Her friend was her “security.” She had her phone and if anything went wrong she had him on speed dial. He would then burst into the hotel room.

Molly said she declined clients and one time a man questioned her age. They didn’t know she was 17. She now knows this isn’t the life for her, but the way she was doing it she saw no problem with it.

She saw it as using each other for something. In her opinion, someone is always getting used. She would treat this like a mind numbing experience and never thought about it while she did it. She had to zone out because some of the clients were “disgusting.” She didn’t find the act disgusting.


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