Dr Phil’s Staff Abused by Angry Father & Dangers of Over Medicating


Woman Abused By Her Daughter, Takes Custody Of Grandson

Roberta knows that her daughter, Sarah, is not ready to be a full time parent to her son. Drew was taken from his parents when he was five because they were addicted to alcohol and drugs.

At Drew’s first birthday party, Sarah and Roberta remember the day very differently. Sarah remembers Roberta eating all of her food and trying to ruin the party. Roberta remembers her daughter’s frantic behavior.


Dr Phil's Staff Abused by Angry Father & Dangers of Over Medicating

Dr Phil’s staff was abused by Andrew, an angry father that wants custody of his son back from his mother-in-law. Dr Phil believes Sarah is over medicating.

At the end of the party, Roberta told her daughter to sit down. She proceeded to beat Roberta with her shoe. Sarah broke Roberta’s right ring finger in the fight, but claims that it was just osteoporosis.

Signs & Symptoms Of Over Medication & Self Medicating

Dr Phil told Sarah that she is very over medicated and needs to get things regulated. During the video of Sarah explaining her side, she was lethargic and unable to form words. Dr Phil said he wanted to be brutally honest with Sarah, because that’s the only way she will get better.


Sarah is on a heavy anti-psychotic and she’s in a weird place mentally all the time. Andrew, her husband, is an alcoholic. He’s gone through detox twice and he said his relationship with Sarah is very good.

Andrew’s Erratic Behavior & Abuse Of Dr Phil’s Staff

Dr Phil had multiple pages documenting Andrew’s antics and abuse to the Dr Phil staff. He called Dr Phil’s producer, Amy Jo, some very horrible and vulgar racial slurs. Andrew said that he doesn’t cuss and that Dr Phil’s staff is lying.

Dr Phil had other accounts from PA’s about his behavior. All of the texts and stories about him were true, said Andrew. Sarah must have been feeling pretty good on her meds because she started ratting out her husband as well.

Andrew thought that Dr Phil had access to his son and wanted to see him. He got very irate, texting and calling staffers in the wee hours of the morning, asking to see his son.

Dr Phil Questions Bad Parenting

“I want to know whether I am dealing with a rational man or an arrogant, entitled bully,” Dr Phil said to Andrew. What would he do with a child if he got upset?

Dr Phil also said that Andrew wanted the show to pay for his electric bill and the taxes on his home.

“I didn’t ask you to pay for the taxes on my house,” Andrew said.

“His theory was that I’m worth millions and I can afford it,” Dr Phil said.

While Sarah thought they were off topic, Dr Phil explained that he is examining the judgement of a person that wants a child turned over to them.

The best part was when Dr Phil brought forward the PA that was told he would be “[expletive] fired” if he worked for Andrew. Andrew denied ever saying the F-bomb, but the PA confirmed it. Andrew said he also told the PA he deserved a raise. Dr Phil didn’t believe this until he heard it from the PA. It seems like Andrew is a flip flopper.



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