Dr Phil: Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder & PNP Center Treatment


Dr Phil Sends Amanda to PNP Center For Neurological Treatment

Dr Phil: Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder & PNP Center Treatment

Dr Phil sent Amanda and her family to Dallas to meet with the PNP Center. Find out what the warning signs of bipolar disorder are.

In 2010, Amanda was in a 72 hour detention and the doctor that released her diagnosed her as bipolar. She and her family have not gotten along in years and there are serious allegations of physical and emotional abuse in their home. Rianne is accused of kicking Amanda in the stomach when she was pregnant and Amanda is accused of being a horrible person. They’re such a jolly bunch of people.

Dr Phil: Undiagnosed Maladaptive Neurological Problem

Dr Phil told the family that their rage and their treatment is not constructive. If Amanda is bipolar, and Dr Phil has serious doubts that she is, then their behaviors border on abuse. What he does know is that Amanda has anxiety issues and suffers major panic attacks. He doesn’t have a label for it, but believes that she has a maladaptive neurological problem.

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