Dr. Phil: Tayler Responsible For Saving Younger Sisters From Father’s Abuse


Dr. Phil: Tayler’s Younger Sisters Never Knew Something Was Wrong

Dr. Phil: Tayler Responsible For Saving Younger Sisters From Abuse

Tayler’s sisters say that she saved them from abuse.

Tayler’s younger sisters said that they used to be jealous of her and Russell’s relationship, but once they found out the details, wanted nothing to do with Russ ever again, and won’t even call him father. They said that he and Tayler had a very physical relationship, and would even talk like a married couple. They would also sleep together regularly and have sleepovers together.


One of Tayler’s sisters said that, while on a trip one time, Russ got on top of her with nothing but underwear on, and this frightened her. He wouldn’t get off when she asked him to, and it wasn’t until she punched and kicked him several times that he got off. She said that this was very frightening to her. After the incident, she slept with a knife under her pillow.

Dr. Phil: Tayler Saved Her Younger Sisters

Both of her sisters credit Tayler with saving them from experiencing what she did. Ashley, one of Tayler’s sister, said that she thinks her father was grooming her to be his next victim. He was buying her things, taking pictures of her, and taking her on trips.


Tayler would see her father moving in on her sisters, and would always find a way to sabotage it so that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to abuse them as well. She would physically get in the way of him, or she would take him somewhere else when he saw him getting too cozy with her sisters. Her sisters didn’t know why Tayler was doing it, but they did have a feeling that she was saving them.

Dr. Phil: Tayler’s Sisters Could Have Never Known Something Was Wrong

Talyer’s sisters were disturbed and freaked out by the behavior and even brought the strange interactions to the attention of their mother. However, Tayler would throw them off the trail by acting surprised that they would even bring it up.

Dr. Phil said that none of Tayler’s sisters ever picked up on what was wrong because they never had a frame to put any of the strange activity in. What sister would ever look at her other sister and think that she and her father were sleeping together and doing drugs?


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