Dr. Phil: Tayler Goes To Origin Recovery Centers Hannah’s House


Dr. Phil: Tayler Needs To Relieve Herself Of Addiction Before She Can Get Better Mentally

Tayler’s brain is currently toxic. She is addicted to heroin, and does heroin on a daily basis. Dr. Phil said that Tayler needs to be under constant medical supervision to get her over this addiciton, but she also needs so much more than that in addition.

Dr. Phil: Tayler Goes To Origin Recovery Centers Hannah's House

Tayler accepted Dr. Phil’s help and will be heading to Origin Recovery Centers Hannah’s House.


It would be comparatively wonderful if all Tayler had to get over was a drug addiction, but her emotional trauma is what has landed her in the state she’s in now. The drugs are just a side effect of something much worse, something that lies beyond what the eye can see or the hand can touch. Dr. Phil wanted and needed to get Tayler help to address these emotional problems that resulted from her father’s brutal abuse, as well.

Dr. Phil: Tayler Goes To Origins Recovery Centers Hannah’s House

Ben Levenson, CEO of Origins Recovery Centers, came on the show to talk about the treatments they offer. Origins Recovery Centers are dual treatment facilities, meaning that they are equipped to deal with not only drug addictions, but also with psychological damage. Not only that, but they have a facility that is designed specifically for females called Hannah’s House. Jessica Rankin, a registered nurse at Origin Recovery Centers Hannah’s House, can help Tayler get through the withdrawal she will experience getting off the drugs.

Dr. Phil said that Talyer has to clean her brain and clean her body on a physical and chemical level before she can start fixing herself on a mental and emotional level. It is not until Tayler is free of the drugs that anyone will be able to accurately see where Tayler is at mentally or emotionally. He said that he got eight to 10 of the country’s top professionals to come work with Taylor on her recovery.


Dr. Phil said that Tayler needs to take this opportunity and realize that she deserves and needs it. Tayler said that she will take the help and begin forging a new life for herself.


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