Dr. Phil: Schizophrenic Child’s World & Schizophrenia Symptoms In Kids


Dr. Phil: Michael And Susan Have A Schizophrenic 10-Year-Old

Michael and Susan’s enthusiasm over bringing home their first-born child, Jani, was soon dissipated when they started to notice that she was behaving strangely. The hallucinations they came to find she was having worsened by the time she was six. Now, she has created her own world, Calalini, where imaginary beings like “400 The Cat” and “Wednesday The Rat” reside. Not only that, but she also has hallucinations that tell her she should jump off of two-story buildings, a nightmare for her parents.

Dr. Phil: Jani’s Schizophrenia Creates An Imaginary World

Dr. Phil: Schizophrenic Child's World & Schizophrenia Symptoms In Kids

Could your child be schizophrenic? What are schizophrenia symptoms?


Jani hears, feels, and sees things that others don’t, said Susan. There are over 100 animals, numbers, and people that exist in Jani’s world of Calalini, some of which are malevolent. They tell her they will scratch her if she doesn’t do what they tell her to. The character “88” tells Jani to jump off of buildings. There is yet another that makes Jani think she has diarrhea.  Then there is Blink, Jani’s pet, who she has had for a year.

Michael’s biggest fear from the violence that Jani carries out on other people, perhaps under the orders of these imaginary people, whom Michael has no idea how much power they have over Jani. Thankfully, though Jani is on medicine that has made Jani less violent. All in all, though, Jani’s parents at times feel like helpless bystanders, watching as their daughter slips into madness.

There is another concern emerging for Jani’s parents. Their young son is now showing signs similar to Jani’s when she was of a younger age that he might have the same problem.


Dr. Phil: Jani’s Schizophrenia Symptoms

Michael and Susan first noticed something was wrong Jani would only sleep for as much as three hours a day, unless they kept her constantly stimulated throughout the day. The first time they realized Jani was having hallucinations, Jani said, with complete seriousness, that a character Susan and Michael thought was nothing more than imaginary could “hurt people in their head,” while she was at a playground one day. They thought these were schizophrenia symptoms, and she was diagnosed soon thereafter.

The strange part was that Jani knew this before her parents did. Any why shouldn’t she have? She tested with a 140 I.Q. She can articulate every single character she has invented, in detail, without error, every time she is asked, which just lends further credence to the fact that this is not a smart child simply acting up. This is real.

Dr. Phil: January First Review

Michael and Susan wanted Jani to have friends, and since she was struggling to make any, they decided to have another child to provide her with a companion. There were problems immediately, however, when they found out that the son they had not only autism, but may be schizophrenic, as well.

Understandably, they wanted others to know a little about their challenges as parents, and wrote a book about their experiences called January First.


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