Dr Phil: Satisfying Addiction & How To Fight Heroin Addiction In Teens


Dr Phil: Heroin In the Suburbs

Dr Phil: Satisfying Addiction & How To Fight Heroin Addiction In Teens

Nik and Steven are so addicted to heroin that they can’t see a way out other than death.

The community of Simi Valley, California is fighting back against the heroin problems in their town. They’ve buried too many children, but the parents have never seen the kids use drugs in front of them.


Dr Phil: Nik’s Addiction To Heroin

Nik was born and raised in Simi Valley. He was 12-years-old when he first used heroin and is now physically dependent on the drugs. He can’t hold a job and would rather deal and use heroin. He chases a drug that brings him close to death. It’s killed his friends and Nik is now homeless and steals to satisfy his addiction. He said heroin makes him feel “empty in the present” but it’s a nightmare. He walks around and talks to teens that are using and uses himself as a cautionary tale.

His parents see a kid who is lost and scared. They can’t even remember the good times with Nik. Mary doesn’t see how that same person is her son.


Dr Phil: Steven’s Addiction To Heroin

For the last 10 years, Steven has been causing damage to his family by using heroin. He only wants to make his parents proud, but he has so much physical dependency on drugs that he can’t stop. He took the video team on a tour of his day, visiting his dealer and then shooting up in the car down the street from his home. He does it in the morning and before bed at night. Steven has had to carry caskets for friends who didn’t survive their addiction.

Linda is angry at her son for doing this to himself. It’s not something you want your parents to see you do and this is the first time she has seen Steven shoot up. She knows he is sick and is angry for enabling him. She said the numbness of the truth set in and she didn’t know what to do or how to fight it.

Dr Phil: How To Fight Heroin Addiction In Teens

Dr. Phil asked the parents what they are willing to do to get their kids healthy. The body count in their town is too high. They need to make it difficult for their kids to get the drugs. These boys have stolen from family and friends to satisfy their addictions.


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