Dr Phil: Police Take Baby from Unfit Parents & Major Depression Signs


Parents Lose Custody Of Son To Grandmother

Roberta took custody of her 10-year-old grandson, Drew, five years ago and said that she is not giving him back to her daughter and son-in-law. Sarah thinks that she is a better parent for her son than her mother and she wants him back. Roberta’s evidence against Sarah and her husband, Andrew, is astonishing.

Dr Phil: Police Take Baby from Unfit Parents & Major Depression Signs

Dr Phil gave signs of major depression and how it can affect your parenting. Sarah’s son was taken away after her alcohol and drug problems got in the way.


When Drew came to live with his grandmother at age five, he was still in diapers. Sarah claimed she was unable to toilet train her son. Sarah admitted to giving her baby allergy medicine to make him fall asleep faster.

“His mom and dad have had a long, troubled relationship with chemicals and with each other. I really felt he was in danger,” Roberta said.

Sarah said her mother was lying. She believes that Roberta took her son away to show Sarah that she could do it. Roberta said that Sarah hired babysitters to watch her son while she was on drugs, because she was afraid that she wouldn’t do a good enough job.


Police Take Baby From Unfit Parents

Andrew said his son has told him he wants to be with his parents and not his grandmother. Roberta refuses to give her grandson back until Sarah and Andrew “grow up.”

Drew was taken away from his parents after Andrew was arrested for being drunk in public. Sarah was arrested on Thanksgiving day for getting drunk and trying to strangle Roberta. The police later told her that she tried to kick out the windshield of the cop car.

Roberta sought custody of Drew so that he wouldn’t be put into foster care. Dr Phil believes that children should be with their biological parents unless there are situations that prevent the child’s safety.

Signs & Symptoms Of Major Clinical Depression

Sarah had a son before Drew that passed away. Roberta believes that her grandson suffocated when his parents were drunk. The medical examiners told them that it was SIDS and the baby died in his sleep. Since the incident, Sarah said her mother has made life miserable for her and blames Sarah for killing the baby. Sarah is currently on disability for major depression.

Sarah and her husband are both clean and sober today, or so they say. Andrew picked up his white chip for a second time in AA, but this is the chip that you get for starting the program. Dr Phil noticed that Sarah has a pushed verbalization and has a hard time staying awake.

Dr Phil pulled up the characteristics of major depression. These are symptoms that plague victims daily. Sarah fits almost every one:

  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt
  • Diminished ability to think or concentrate
  • Recurring thoughts of death and suicide

Sarah doesn’t know how to get her feelings under control. She knows something is wrong but isn’t sure how to fix it.

Sarah Still Wants Her Son Back

Dr Phil said that these parents need to be able to give their son two whole parents. Sarah and Andrew owe it to their son to give him their best. Right now, Sarah is not at her best. They thanked Roberta for raising their son well, but they want him back anyway.


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