Dr Phil: Out Of Control Kaitlyn Throws Tantrum & Plans To Ruin Wedding


Dr Phil: Out Of Control Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn’s life sounds normal on paper. She is going to be a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding and she is a criminal justice major. In reality, Kaitlyn suffers horrible anxiety attacks.

Dr Phil: Out Of Control Kaitlyn Throws Tantrum & Plans To Ruin Wedding

Kaitlyn is an expert at throwing tantrums and said she can’t control her behavior. Her mother Kim could be enabling her.


Her family believes that Kaitlyn is tearing the family apart. Her family is afraid of saying anything to trigger an attack. They are always walking on eggshells.

Kaitlyn said she has no control over her tantrums. She thinks it’s insane to think that she would throw herself around like this for attention. She doesn’t remember much of her attacks. She said her attack was triggered by a breakup with her boyfriend.

Dr Phil: Kaitlyn’s Anxiety Attacks

Her mother Kim said her daughter doesn’t have control over her attacks, but her stepdad Ross thinks she does it to be lazy.


Dr Phil thinks that Kim wants her daughter to be dependent on her. Kim fears that if she doesn’t stay on top of her daughter Kaitlyn will do something really bad. She does it to make herself feel better and enables Kaitlyn’s behavior.

Dr Phil: Is Kim the Problem?

Kim has definitely been enabling Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn knows she doesn’t have to be responsible because her mother is responsible for her. Ross wants to be more heavy-handed with Kaitlyn’s behavior and wants to solve the problems.

Kaitlyn wants to stand on her own, but she doesn’t know that she can. She is stuck in the middle of knowing you have to and not wanting to do it.

Dr Phil: Lexanne’s Wedding

Lexanne wants her sister to be a part of her wedding but fears that she will ruin her special day. She and Ross fear that Kaitlyn will have a tantrum just before her sister should walk down the aisle.

Kaitlyn said she understands it’s her special day, but why does it all have to be about Lexanne? She thinks that some people should pay attention to her on her sister’s wedding day. She thinks that it should have been her first. She said she knows she will “lose it” when Lexanne tries to be a bridezilla.

Dr Phil presented all of this to Kaitlyn’s family and said it’s clear what Kaitlyn is going to do. He fears that her sister putting her in the wedding just enabled her to blow up the event. Her actions are just as enabling as Kim’s.


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