Dr Phil: Obsessive Hand Washing Passed On To Kids & Help For OCD


Dr Phil: Jenny’s Lies

For most of her life, 31-year-old Jenny has been crying wolf to her family. Her brother was diagnosed with leukemia at age four and she felt she was pushed aside. Her mother Alice told Dr Phil that she loves her daughter, but her son’s illness did take precedent. Jenny then made up lies about her life being in danger to get love.

Dr Phil: OCD & Kids

Dr Phil: Obsessive Hand Washing Passed On To Kids & Help For OCD

Jenny said that her obsessive hand washing and cleaning is being passed on to her children.


Jenny’s habits are going down to her kids. They are hurt when she pushes them away and says they are dirty. She hasn’t touched or hugged them in four months. Her son has started obsessively using hand sanitizer. Alice said he stays up at night trying to get clean.

Jenny didn’t seem sorry that her kids are displaying OCD symptoms. She is more so focused on herself. I can see how a kid would hear his mother calling him unclean and freak out.

Dr Phil: The Good News

The good news for Jenny is that she is not a real germaphobe. She is upset and emotionally raw from what has happened throughout her life. Dr Phil thinks she began looking for behaviors that will fix her emotions. Obsessively cleaning gave her something to focus on and put her energy into.


Dr Phil offered to send Jenny to the PNP center to get a full workup and specialized help for her emotional issues.

Dr Phil: Update On Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is feeling better about her out of control life. She deals with horrible anxiety attacks and can’t control her tantrums. Her stepsister Lexanne was worried that she would ruin her big day by throwing a tantrum.

Kaitlyn said she feels she will have more control after speaking with Dr Phil and seeing the PNP center specialists. Dr Phil told her she should tell her sister that her day is her day and she will stand calmly by her side. Lexanne would do the same for Kaitlyn.


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