Dr Phil: Mark’s Bad Childhood, Fear Of Intimacy & Need For Protection


Dr Phil: Mark Is Arrogant & Refuses To Change

Mark is an arrogant, mean, closed off person who doesn’t care if he hurts people. Dr. Phil believes that Mark’s past has turned him into a person that fears intimacy and offends people. Mark said he doesn’t know how to change and doesn’t care to change because this life works for him. His wife Nikol can’t live like this any longer and wants Dr. Phil to save their marriage.

Dr Phil: Mark’s Daughter

Mark has a daughter and said that he would never want a man to treat her like he treats Nikol. He told Dr. Phil that if that happened, he would make the other guy disappear for good.


Dr Phil: Mark’s Childhood

Mark said he has been like this since childhood. His mother couldn’t control him as a kid and his dad wasn’t in the picture. The only time he saw his dad was at Christmas when he dropped off $10.

Dr Phil: Mark's Bad Childhood, Fear Of Intimacy & Need For Protection

Dr Phil thinks that Mark’s painful childhood turned him into an adult monster that fears intimacy.


The way he was treated made Mark feel like he was programmed to screw up. He was expelled in the second grade for beating up another student. The student had said something bad about Mark’s mom and he tried to break the kid’s back over a desk. His aunt often said that spanking Mark would show him who is boss. He told her to “F off.”

On his 12th birthday Mark’s mom sent him to drug rehab. Mark didn’t have a drug problem, but no one knew what to do with him. At 15, Mark beat up his stepdad and his mom kicked him out. Mark said he wouldn’t change a thing about his childhood because it made him tougher.

Dr Phil: Mark’s Fear Of Intimacy

Dr Phil wants Mark to leave with a clear understand of what he is doing and why he is doing it. He hopes that he would leave motivated to change for the better. He believes that Mark is scared. He doesn’t want to get close to anyone so that they can’t hurt him.

Mark said that’s all wrong. He doesn’t get close to anyone because he doesn’t need friends or people to like him. That way no one can be blamed for his problems but him. He knows he’s the one that needs to change, but this is about protection not fear.

Dr Phil thinks Mark goes through life terrified. He got a direct quote from Mark’s pre-interview, “I am purposely arrogant so that people don’t get hurt by me.” Mark’s past hurt, not having his dad around, stepdads flowing through and being wrongfully sent to rehab changed who Mark became as an adult.


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