Dr Phil: Jenny’s Fake Germaphobia + OCD & Wild Lies About Being Blind


Dr Phil: Jenny’s Lies

After her brother got cancer, Jenny thought that no one wanted to love and pay attention to her. Jenny began to create lies and medical issues to be more like her brother. She thought she needed to be ill to get her mother’s attention. She thought that the only way to get love was to be at risk of dying.

Dr Phil: Jenny's Fake Germaphobia + OCD & Wild Lies About Being Blind

Jenny’s lies are so out of this world that her family has stopped believing anything she says. Is she lying about having OCD?


She started by faking stomach issues. She would bend over and fake moan until her mother took her to the doctor. She went so far as to getting a colonoscopy when she didn’t need one. Then, Jenny pretended to be blind, but was busted when her mom caught her waving to friends. She pretended to have a stalker who broke in and slashed her chest. The detective figure out what happened because the cut on her window screen was from the inside. Then, Jenny said she was in a car accident.

Each time she lied she would hurt herself to make it believable. After a while her family figured out she was always crying wolf

Dr Phil: Jenny’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Jenny’s newest problem is OCD and germaphobia. She says she has to be clean at all times. She won’t touch her children because she fears they are dirty. Jenny needs a roommate to help her get clean and it takes her two hours to shower. She has to wash her hands for 20 minutes to feel clean. She said her OCD has kept her from enjoying life and going outside. She had to sit in her bed and feel clean to be comfortable.


Dr Phil: Favorite Children

Alice said her son was favorited because of his illness. Jenny wanted to be held and comforted as a child, but she has no memories of that. Her mother said she loves her daughter, but at the time her son needed the attention.

Dr Phil: Fake Germaphobia

The bad news for Jenny is that she is not very good at lying. For one, Dr Phil came out and shook her hand right away. She didn’t cringe away or wipe her hands. Then, Dr Phil handed her a hankie, which she used to wipe her cheek. Busted.

A real germaphobe would never have done those things. She tried to cover up her lies and say that she was creating a mental catalog of everything she touches. She said she plans to go back to the dressing room and douse herself in rubbing alcohol.


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