Dr Phil: Heroin Addiction Destroys Families & Creates Violence At Home


Dr Phil: The Effects Of Heroin

Nik and Steven have been using heroin for about 10 years. It’s cost them their families, their jobs and filled them will regrets. They are tied to the drugs that keep them out of pain, physically and mentally. They told Dr. Phil and their parents how they feel on drugs.

Dr Phil: Heroin Addiction Destroys Families & Creates Violence At Home

Nik and Steven feel they are so far into their addictions they don’t remember who they used to be.


Dr Phil: Overdosing On Heroin

Nik said he doesn’t know how to be himself anymore. He is physically dependent on the drugs. They have made him a monster and a violent person. He said he likes how heroin gives him confidence, but he has almost died three times from overdosing. The first time he didn’t do much heroin, but it was potent. He collapsed in a park and was pronounced dead in the ambulance. He said he saw a fireball coming for him and he woke up.

The drugs have made him a violent person. He’s threatened his school, his father and Dr. Phil’s producer. He said he was just joking and trying to scare people. Dr. Phil asked Nik if he was a bully and Nik got very closed off.

Mary and Greg have kicked Nik out of their home and barred him from family holidays. Nik is now homeless and he said in six months he will either be in jail or dead. He regrets what he’s put his family through and wants a better future.


Dr Phil: Heroin Addiction Destroys Families

Steven said that heroin becomes the number one thing in your life. He has to have it to eat or sleep. He’s stolen jewelry from his mother and ruined their relationship. It is his number one regret in life.

Without heroin, Steven said he would be a happier person. He last did heroin four hours before the interview and needs to do it three to four times a day. He has remorse for what he’s done to his family, but not to himself. He misses everything about his life before.

Linda and Richard’s lives have been destroyed by their son’s addiction. It’s cost them their relationship and the relationship with their other son, Kevin. Can Steven getting clean reunite their family?



  1. Tracy McCormack says

    I’m so upset I can’t help my daughter she now lives in mich on streets it’s cold she’s a heroin addict and no one will help her!! Please help !! Tracy

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