Dr. Phil: Father Enabling Daughter’s Drug Habit By Giving Her Money


Dr. Phil: Jordan Being Enabled By Wealthy Father

Donna and Roger’s daughter Jordan underwent a shocking transformation in just a few short years, going from high school sweetheart and cheerleader with a gorgeous complexion to a mugshot pinup of a crack addict. Donna and Roger are no longer together, and Donna blames Jordan’s downfall on Roger’s tendency to play the cliche rich father role and throw money at Jordan instead of genuine care. Roger is enabling his daughter.

Dr. Phil: Jordan Didn’t Grow Up An Addict

Donna said that Jordan was always happy growing up, with a lot of friends and even finding a spot on the homecoming court in high school. Now, she is a barely a shadow of her former self. Jordan is using almost every drug under the sun, despite having been to rehab five times.


Dr. Phil: Father Enabling Daughter's Drug Habit By Giving Her Money

Roger is enabling his daughter’s drug habit by supplying her with a steady stream of cash.

Jordan had been in and out of jail on numerous occasions, but Roger, being wealthy, is always there to bail Jordan out, eliminating any chance for the girl to detox, learn her lesson, and grow up. Roger, however, thought that it was a good thing that he could help her out financially, but Donna said that Jordan just takes advantage of this to fund her drug habit, and just waits for him to clean up the messes she gets herself into.


Dr. Phil: Are You An Enabler?

Roger justified the enabling and the amount he has spent of Jordan saying that he believes that rehab facilities are for-profit organizations that do not have the best interests  of the patient in mind, and would rather see to Jordan than see her out on the streets, in prison, or dead.

Last year, Roger bought Jordan a $300,000 pent house down in Tampa, Florida because she had expressed interest in getting back into school. It is things like this that Donna thinks are holding Jordan back from getting better, though she doesn’t believe Roger’s spending is all of the problem.

Dr. Phil: Jordan Doesn’t Quit Drugs Because Father Gives Her Money

Though Donna doesn’t believe it is entirely Roger’s fault that Jordan is addicted, Donna’s sister Marianne disagrees. In fact, Roger’s nickname in their family is “Jordan’s Drug Dealer,” because he gives her all the money she needs to get the drugs, and bails her out of every drug-related problem that she has gotten herself into. The two even go out and drink together.

To further dump blame on Roger, Marianne said that she asked Jordan why she hasn’t kicked her drug habit yet, and she responded by saying that it is too easy to maintain the drug habit with her father funding it all the time. Essentially, Roger had given Jordan no incentive to quit.

Dr. Phil: Roger Needs To Stop Enabling Jordan

Dr. Phil moved past the blame game that the family was playing and cut right to the chase – no matter what Roger has done, it is still Jordan’s and only Jordan’s decision to continue doing drugs. She is 25 and can make her own decisions, and Roger, in some revealing raw footage, showed a genuine concern for her.

Despite all of this, Dr. Phil did tell Roger that he his not at all helping the situation by helping Jordan obtain drugs. Roger said that part of this comes from his just not knowing what else to do, and would rather dose her on his own than leave her to her own potentially lethal devices.

Dr. Phil quoted Jordan, who said that she has manipulated her father into buying her everything she needs and allowing her to keep her lavish apartment.


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