Dr Phil: Doreen’s Alternative Lifestyle & Is Homosexuality a Choice?


Dr Phil: Doreen’s Alternative Lifestyle

Diane does not agree with her daughter Doreen’s alternative lifestyle. She believes that Doreen was turned gay by participating in softball as a young girl. She told Dr Phil that she pushed her daughter into the sport because she had talent. When she started making friends, Doreen began a relationship with a girl.

Doreen said that she feels confused after hearing her mother talk about her lifestyle. She is confident that she is a lesbian, but her mother’s Christian faith does not accept homosexuality. Doreen said she feels good being in relationships with women. She knew she was gay long before being in softball.


Dr Phil: Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Dr Phil: Doreen's Alternative Lifestyle & Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Diane refuses to accept Doreen’s partners. She believes that if Doreen went to counseling she would stop being homosexual.

Diane believes that homosexuality is a choice. She has seen other people turn away from homosexuality and become straight with counseling. Dr Phil told her that that is wrong. Research has proved that homosexuality is not a choice. He said that in 1975 homosexuality was unlabeled a mental illness.


Diane understood that, but she believes that Hollywood and the media have made being gay an accepted thing. She thinks that if the media hadn’t preached acceptance and that it’s okay to be gay, there wouldn’t be homosexuals. Diane thinks that counseling could solve her daughter’s problems.

“Just because a lot of people do it doesn’t make it right,” Diane said.

Dr Phil: Abuse & Homosexuality

Doreen was abused by her uncle as a young girl. Her mother thinks that this played a part in her homosexuality. Doreen said she wishes she wasn’t gay and feels judged and rejected. Diane said that she would still love her daughter, but she would never accept Doreen’s partners into her home or family. Diane thinks that counseling for the abuse would give her mental clarity.


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