Dr Phil: Corinne’s Obsession With Herself & Ugly Side Of Narcissism


Dr Phil: Narcissistic Behavior

Today’s Dr. Phil show was dedicated to people that just love themselves too much. Corinne and her mother Seanna are first. Be warned, Corinne is pretty unbearable. I’m shocked that Dr Phil didn’t slap her at some point during their interview.

Corinne is 25 and believes the world should revolve around her. She doesn’t have any responsibilities, other than her dog. She loves taking cellphone pictures of herself. Corinne said that she doesn’t see anything wrong with her lifestyle. She claims to have worked hard, but her mother is disagreeing.


Seanna knows her daughter is a narcissist. She told Dr. Phil that Corinne compared herself to Ghandi, but Seanna doesn’t think Corinne knows who Ghandi is. She said Corinne refuses to use public transportation and feels like she deserves her own reality tv series.

Dr Phil and Corinne Argue

Corinne was in an outrage at how she was portrayed on the segment. She thought that everything she said was either twisted or taken out of context. She admitted to being a narcissist, but believes there is nothing wrong with it.


Dr Phil: Corinne's Obsession With Herself & Ugly Side Of Narcissism

Today Dr Phil was dealing with Corinne, a narcissist who sees no problem with only caring about herself.

Corinne made the Dr Phil staff prove to her that they weren’t human traffickers before she got on the plane. Dr Phil said there’s nothing wrong with being wary, but Corinne is overly paranoid.

Dr Phil: Corinne’s Pregnancies

Throughout her life, Corinne has had seven abortions. Seanna said that she feels as if she failed as a mother. Corinne had two late term abortions at five months and her family had even named the babies. She has no regrets on her decisions.

After her seventh abortion, Corinne wrote on Facebook, “I adore myself.” Her mother blasted her for it, but Corinne said no one on Facebook knew about her pregnancy. She wanted to cover it up and keep it private.

Dr Phil asked Corinne why she didn’t use birth control. Corinne said she did in most cases, but she kept going back to guys that were bad for her. Corinne said she refuses to become a woman on welfare that just “pops out kids.”


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