Dr Phil: Coping With Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Kids


Dr Phil: Coping With Trauma

Dr. Phil’s reason in talking to Jennifer about her son’s kidnapping was not for television ratings. He is beginning a relationship with her and Ethan. He brought in his colleagues, Dr. Frank Lawlis and Dr. Charles Sophy, to help give Jennifer advice on dealing with the situation and how to move forward.

Dr Phil: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr Phil: Coping With Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Kids

Dr. Phil and his colleagues are going to help Jennifer and Ethan deal with the trauma. Will he get back on a school bus?


The first thing the doctors want to do is revisit Ethan’s diagnoses. He is living with bipolar disorder, ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome. The onset for these are usually at an older age than sis, said Dr. Phil. Dr. Lawlis, who is the chairman of the Dr. Phil advisory board, wants to conduct some brain scans and re diagnose Ethan.

Dr. Sophy is a child/adolescent and adult psychiatrist. He said it is so important to create feelings of protection and control for Ethan. He said the more that Ethan is asked to relive the events, the stronger his memories will become. At age six, Ethan could let these memories fade and they will be less traumatic later in life.

But, if Ethan recounts the events more the feelings and memories will be a strong foundation for post-traumatic stress disorder. Ethan will be able to create a nightmare in his head the more he thinks about what happened. It’s easier for him to be coping with trauma at a young age rather than years from now.


Dr Phil: PTSD In Kids & Will Ethan Get Back On The Bus?

Dr. Sophy suggested that Jennifer take this time to protect Ethan. It is OK to cry in front of him and with him, but just reassure him that everything is OK. Ethan should be able to tell him mom how he is feeling and Jennifer should reassure him that she is always there.

Jennifer said that Ethan saw a bus a few days ago and was fixated on it. She couldn’t get him to look away. Dr. Sophy believes that Ethan will get back on the school bus again, but she should let him do it on his own. It’s important for Ethan to go with feelings and not memories. If Ethan is afraid to get on the bus, Jennifer should ask him why he’s feeling that way.

Dr. Phil said that Ethan will get back on the bus and it will give him feelings of courage and power.


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