Dr Phil: Amanda T’s Cinderella Story & Beating Heroin Addiction Again


Dr Phil: Amanda’s Journey To Sobriety

Just months ago, Amanda T. and Amanda G. were in a dark place. They were addicted to heroin, overdosing on a regular basis and praying for death. They could not get out of the dark place they had come to over years of drug addiction.

Dr Phil: Amanda T's Cinderella Story & Beating Heroin Addiction Again

Amanda T. shared the story of her recovery and where she came from. She said her life feels like a Cinderella story.


The Amandas did whatever it took to get their drugs. They slept with men and put advertisements online for their services. They ran with a crowd of drug dealers and bosses that sold them for drugs. They had been on the run from the bosses for two days before calling Dr Phil and asking for help.

They have recieved treatment from Origins Recovery Center for heroin addiction. They were just weeks from death when they were found.

Dr Phil: Amanda T. Gets Clean Again

Amanda T started doing drugs at 18 when her boyfriend told her to. It was a snowball effect and two weeks later she was addicted to heroin. She said she was in a constant state of chasing the high.


She would do anything to get drugs. Amanda T. stole goods to sell and then went to jail for months. She was clean for four years and decided to go back to college. She had a 4.0 GPA, but she eventually found herself back on drugs.

Amanda G. and Amanda T. became best friends instantly. They were so addicted and in pain that they prayed for death so that they could escape. Amanda T. showed Dr Phil her right hand, which was badly scared from shooting up. Amanda T. lost her index finger on that hand from shooting heroin. There was a blood clot and it had to be amputated in recovery.

Dr Phil: Cinderella Story

Amanda T.’s mother Carla phoned in to the show to thank Dr. Phil. She said she knew her daughter was strong enough to get off drugs, but they didn’t have the resources.

Lost in a dark place, Amanda T. said she now feels like she’s living a Cinderella story. Her parents cry because they are proud of her, not because they are worried about her. She wants to dedicate her life to helping others avoid the dark place she was living in.

Dr Phil: Amanda’s Boss Arrested

While in recovery, Amanda told the police that she had been badly beaten with a shoe by the man that was selling her body for drugs. Officer Ed Moffat was the one that stepped up and helped guide their process of finding the criminal. While he wasn’t jailed for selling women, the man was jailed for dealing and possessing cocaine.


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