Surviving A Kidnapping & How To Move On After Traumatic Experiences


Dr. Phil: What Did They Want?

Dr. Phil has been sitting down with a woman all hour who survived a horrible home invasion and kidnapping. After being woken up in the middle of the night, she and her roommate John were taken out into the desert. John was brutally beaten and tortured and the two of them were left for dead in the desert.

Bailey later learned that her roommate, John, who she had just moved in with the previous day, owned a large medical marijuana dispensary and the men who had taken them thought he had a large sum of money either in his house or out in the desert.


Surviving A Kidnapping & How To Move On After Traumatic Experiences

Dr. Phil talked to a woman suffering from PTSD following a horrific home invasion and kidnapping. How can she move on with her life? (ChameleonsEye /

When Bailey was able to get herself free, she learned John was alive, but that the men had cut part of his genitals off. She was able to run to the highway, a 20-minute run, in her bare feet and pajamas. She flagged down a police car and they were able to get John to the hospital in time. He survived.

Dr. Phil: How To Move On After Traumatic Experiences

Bailey said that since this all happened to her, her life has been turned upside down. She suffers from blackouts, panic attacks, flashbacks, memory loss, depression, and insomnia. Six months after the abduction, she was fired from her job. How can she move on and get her life back on track?


Dr. Phil: Dealing With PTSD

Dr. Phil said that he knew it was hard for her to put her life back together following the tragedy. He said that there are two truths here that she has to embrace. One is that there is no getting back to normal. There will be a new normal with different awarenesses and sensitivities, but the normal she had before this happened is a thing of the past. The new normal can still be safe and happy and great, but it just won’t be the one she enjoyed before this happened.

The other truth that she has to embrace is that she needs to get help in order to wrap her head around what happened. He said she a survivor of trauma and that she’s describing a classic case of PTSD. He said that he didn’t think he’d ever met someone with a better reason for PTSD than her. This kind of trauma needs to be dealt with in a very specific way. She needs help neurologically, biochemically, and psychologically.

“I want to bring you that help. You deserve that help, you’re entitled to that help, and I’m going to make damn sure you get the help that you need,” Dr. Phil said.


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