Dr. Phil: Jennifer And Ralph Get Parenting Help & Therapy For Kids


Dr. Phil: It’s Time To Take Action

Kayla thinks that the time has come to take the children away from Jennifer and Ralph because if she doesn’t, Darcy, her aunt, might call Child Protective Services to take them away, which would be even more harmful to their families.

Dr. Phil did not exonerate Jennifer or Ralph of any blame, but he did take time to acknowledge that Jennifer’s depression is definitely a detriment to her ability to be a good parent  and that Ralph’s rough upbringing probably could be attributed to the abuse he has subjected his kids to. With their children writing suicide notes, though, there is no time to feel sorry for anyone, only to take action.


Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Lists Everything That’s Wrong

Dr. Phil could not possibly think of all the things that are going against their youngest daughter, who is 12, so he wrote them out on a very large spreadsheet. From an abusive father, to a neglectful mother, to a sister who sleeps with her boyfriend in the same room she does, Dr. Phil that this child does not have a chance if something doesn’t change.

All of these problems impacted their sons, ages 8 and 10, just as bad if not worse. They were doing everything from smoking marijuana to stealing from stores to threatening people with knives. These two were at serious risk to becoming criminals of potentially any degree when they grew older.

Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Gets Jennifer And Ralph Parenting Help

Dr. Phil had a plan to try to figure out some kind of solution for this problem. He doesn’t think that either Jennifer or Ralph are bad people, they are just people who have gone through some things that are effecting their ability to be good parents. Ralph had a brutal upbringing, and Jennifer is dealing with some serious depression. Dr. Phil said that he wanted to get them parenting help and other counseling to help them begin to recover, which they accepted very thankfully.

Dr. Phil: Jennifer And Ralph Get Parenting Help & Therapy For Kids

With a lot of parenting help, Jennifer and Ralph may one day be good parents.


As an alternative to the children being given up to child protective services, Dr. Phil brought in a representative from the Aspen Education Group and suggested that they be put into the programs. They are run by extremely caring individuals that nurture a therapeutic environment. It would not be a punishment, but a form of therapy where they would also be learning on scholastic level and an emotional one.

“I’m willing to do anything it takes,” said Jennifer tearfully.


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