Dr Phil: Woman Stealing From Boyfriend & Taking Money From In-Laws


Dr Phil: Stealing From Boyfriend

Dr Phil: Woman Stealing From Boyfriend & Taking Money From In-Laws

Megan stole money from her boyfriend Steve and his mother to save her dying business.

Megan and Steve have been together for five years and in that time Megan has taken over half a million dollars from Steve and his family. She said she prefers to say taken over stolen because she intends to pay back what she took from Steve and that he knew all along. Steve insists that he never knew the extent of what she was taking.


Megan used Steve’s credit cards, wrote checks to herself from Steve’s accounts, and forged documents to get into accounts. She even racked up bills on exchange students’ credit cards while they stayed with Megan and Steve. Megan said she has paid some back to Steve. She also wrote confession letters admitting the extent of what she took and promising to pay him pack.

Dr Phil: Taking Money From In-Laws

Dr. Phil asked Steve is her was a slow learner. After five years he is just now seeking help and payback for what Megan took from him.

Megan didn’t just get Steve, she took money from his 81-year-old mother. Steve’s mother gifted Megan $3,000 to help save her business and didn’t tell Steve. After that Megan kept dipping into the woman’s accounts and proceeded to take $167,000. Megan’s parents then cashed in their retirement and annuities and paid Steve’s mother back in full.


Dr Phil: Why Does Steve Stay?

Steve’s mother believe that he stays with Megan in hopes of getting paid back what was taken from him. Steve said while that is part of it he also doesn’t give up on people. He still believes Megan is a good person.

Dr Phil: Where Did The Money Go?

Steve said he doesn’t know where the money went and Megan got very irritated. Dr. Phil said she exhibits no real remorse for what she has done. Megan wrote Steve long letters confessing her wrongs, but Dr. Phil looked at a timeline of events and saw that Megan stole money out while she was writing the letters.

Megan said the money went to save a struggling business. Steve has since closed the business, but will he ever see his money again?


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