Dr Phil: Why You Shouldn’t Financially Support Your Adult Children


Dr Phil: Lazy & Entitled Ashley

Tracy said her daughter Ashley is a lazy, entitled moocher. She has given her everything in life, but Ashley said the spoiling stopped when she became an adult. Ashley doesn’t like that her mom calls her a moocher and wanted to settle the score with Dr. Phil.

Dr Phil: Why You Shouldn't Financially Support Your Adult Children

Ashley and Andrew fought for themselves in front of Tracy. She said they are lazy moochers. Dr. Phil told her why you shouldn’t financially support your adult children.


Dr Phil: Blaming Ashley

Ashley said her mother blames her failed relationships on Ashley. Ashley doesn’t think that is right. Tracy said her boyfriends have broken up with her because she can’t say no to Ashley. Ashley calls her at 1 a.m. for cigarettes and gas money, which Tracy will give her. Ashley said she has worked hard for the money and her mom just hasn’t paid her.

Dr Phil: Andrew and Ashley Work For Tracy

Tracy owns a painting company and Andrew and Ashley work part-time for her. They are currently looking for other jobs.

Dr. Phil said that when someone doesn’t have a job, their job is to find a job. They should be up at 7 a.m. showered and out the door. They should go to businesses and door to door asking for a job. Ashley argued with Dr. Phil over what time she gets up during the day and how many hours she searches for a job. Dr. Phil said it doesn’t matter, she just needs to find one now.


Dr Phil told them if Tracy is endorsing this lifestyle, that is sad. If Ashley is accepting this life, that is sadder. The job market and economy are tough right now, but the people that get jobs are the ones that go out and look.

Dr Phil: Andrew the Boyfriend

Enter the boyfriend, Andrew. We’ve been talked in circles by Ashley and Tracy, now it’s time for him. Andrew really didn’t know what he wanted to say, but he said a lot. The gist of it was that he is angry at Tracy for how she treats him and Ashley.

Tracy thinks that Andrew is annoying and hates everything about him. She does not believe that he is good enough for her daughter. Andrew said he never mooches off of Tracy and has had six jobs to help support Ashley. Ashley said he has given her everything she needs.

There really is no way to tell who was lying and who was telling the truth. Andrew said the carpet being soiled was Tracy’s fault and Tracy insisted that it was the couple. Andrew didn’t understand why he shouldn’t be working for Tracy.

Dr Phil: Financially Supporting Your Adult Children

Dr. Phil said that Tracy needs to fire Ashley and Andrew. She is too close to them to work with them. She is only doing it because of guilt and anxiety. He said she should have a relationship with her daughter, but say no to the financial support. Andrew was really angry at this point, but he couldn’t articulate himself well enough to stand up for the situation.


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