Dr Phil: Why Is Karieann’s 14-Year-Old Obsessed With Getting Pregnant?


Dr. Phil: 14-Year-Old Obsessed With Getting Pregnant

Teen pregnancy was the theme of Wednesday’s all-new episode of Dr. Phil. In the United States, teen pregnancy is a bona fide epidemic, with some accusing the media of turning it into something that’s socially acceptable. That’s certainly the case with Karieann’s 14-year-old daughter, who’s been obsessed with babies since the sixth grade.

Karieann referred to her daughter as “out of control.” “I am obsessed with getting pregnant,” the teen admitted. She already has names picked out for her imaginary children, and has been intimate with boys without using protection – on purpose. “There’s no way she can stop me,” Karieann’s daughter said of her mom. Karieann is devastated that her daughter doesn’t dream about having any future other than a baby.


Dr. Phil: “No Reality, Only Perception”

It was Dr. Phil’s mission to learn why this was going on. Karrieann explained that her daughter hates her because she doesn’t give her enough attention. But while Karrieann finds this ridiculous, Dr. Phil emphasized this doesn’t make it any less true.

“There is no reality, only perception,” he explained. So if Karieann’s daughter believes she’s lacking attention – even if she’s not – it becomes reality. Dr. Phil assured Karieann that she’s made some “glaring mistakes,” but she isn’t a quitter. He said that he admired her commitment to changing her daughter’s life, even if she doesn’t understand all of her reasoning.


Dr Phil: Why Is Karieann's 14-Year-Old Obsessed With Getting Pregnant?

Dr. Phil spoke with Karieann about her 14-year-old daughter’s obsession with getting pregnant.

Dr. Phil: Karieann & Daughter Cut Themselves

Dr. Phil tried to help Karieann understand why her daughter wants a baby so badly. Karieann was a teen mom herself, so she knows how hard it is. She considers herself damaged, although Dr. Phil said that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Karrieann’s daughter has threatened to kill her mother, and has also started cutting herself. The audience was completely shocked when Karieann revealed her reaction. Instead of offering her daughter help, Karieann began cutting herself. She claims she did it in order to show her daughter how upsetting she looked.

Dr. Phil said that for Karieann’s daughter, her promiscuous behavior is the only way she feels powerful. By having a baby, she believes she’ll create the family she wishes she had. “That’s the fantasy of a 14-year-old with the maturity of 10,” he said.


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