Dr Phil Vs Farrah: Parents Accountability & Farrah Abraham DUI


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham DUI

Recently, tabloid and reality star Farrah Abraham got cited for a DUI. She ended up having her car towed and was locked out of her home. She said that it was an unhappy circumstance, but it is in her past. She blamed the police for blowing the situation out of proportion.

Abraham admitted that she was drunk, but said she was parked at the time the officer approached her. She said that she only drove her car around a corner.


Dr Phil Vs Farrah: Parents Accountability & Farrah Abraham DUI

Dr Phil talked about the Farrah Abraham DUI arrest, which the tabloid reality star tried to claim never happened, before she got defensive and upset.

“I wasn’t driving, so no, I wasn’t driving drunk,” she said. This is the second time in her interview that she talked her way out of something she admitted to doing, because she did not like the terms being used.


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Crying

Being confronted with her drunk driving really seemed to make Farrah upset. She accused Dr Phil of not being positive. Does she own a TV?

“I was trying to take care of my sister,” Farrah said in her supposed defense.

Dr Phil called her argumentative, which made her start to cry. She said that she did something wrong, but she didn’t mean to drink and drive.

“I’m sorry I’m here,” she said. Then why did she agree to come on the show?

Farrah Abraham Vs Dr Phil

Farrah did not appreciate that Dr Phil told her she was throwing a fit. You could see her shutting down, much like she has been accused of doing with her parents.

“You have an incredible sense of entitlement, and when you don’t get your way, you get upset,” Dr Phil concluded.

Dr Phil: Parents Accountability

Dr Phil said parents must know the difference between offending a child versus enabling him or her. Don’t do things for your kids or take accountability for their actions, he advised. As children grow into adults, they need to be equipped to deal with consequences.

“Make sure they learn that the hard way,” he suggested. “If they violate those boundaries, they need to deal with the consequences.”


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