Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore Suicide Attempt, Depression & Heidi Fleiss


Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore & Heidi Fleiss

During his 2007 prison stay, Tom Sizemore shared a cautionary message to young people, discouraging them from using drugs. He said then that he never thought he would find himself behind bars. Dr Phil also got to the bottom of the Tom Sizemore suicide attempt.

Sizemore’s high profile relationship with Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam, was a relationship fueled by drugs. Drugs had previously ruined his relationships with A-listers, and even ruined a marriage.


He said that he and Heidi were in love with one another, and she introduced him to crystal meth. Sizemore said the drug was like an aphrodisiac, and he felt like he was in a romantic relationship with the drug itself.

Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore Suicide Attempt, Depression & Heidi Fleiss

Dr Phil got real about the Tom Sizemore suicide attempt and the depression that brought him to his lowest point in life. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


In the book, Sizemore said no one, not even him, understood his relationship with Fleiss. More recently, Sizemore said he has reconciled with his ex-wife, who left him in 2000. She walked away from their relationship because of his spiraling drug habit.

Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore’s Father

Tom said that he was close to his father growing up, and when his father left the family, it had a dramatic impact on his life, in part because it seemed to be out of the blue. Sizemore’s father left at age 14 to be with another woman. He said he has never gotten over that divorce.

Sizemore said that he has been a good father now for two years, since he has been sober. He has two twin sons, and he loves being a part of their lives. He credited his manager with helping to save his life.

He choked up when talking about re-entering his children’s lives. He was afraid they would not like him, even though he wanted to be a dad to them. “I was a natural father,” he said.

Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore’s Mother

Sizemore said that he has still never reconciled with his father about how his leaving devastated their family. He said his mother is proud of him for finally getting sober. She was the one who helped encourage him to pursue sobriety.

She believed in him, even despite being proven wrong so many times. “She never had one bad word for me,” he said of their conversations through the years.

Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore Suicide Attempt

The Hollywood star also recalled a suicide attempt in which he tried to overdose on pills. He said that he did not want to die, and he had to struggle to work on his addictions and be a good parent to his children.

He told Dr Phil that his conviction for domestic violence and his outsider status in Hollywood precipitated the events. He learned he would have to declare bankruptcy, and he could not get work.

Dr Phil: Tom Sizemore Depression

Sizemore experienced a deep depression and had lost most of the things that were important to him in life.

He woke up in the hospital, where he was having his stomach pumped. But he survived and managed to overcome his struggles.

You can read more about Tom’s journey in his book, By Some Miracle I Made It Out Of There.



  1. Luree says

    How can that liar Tom say he is a good father, when 3 weeks ago he kidnapped his kids and shipped them to Texas and is in the process of giving up his parental rights. It’s all in Orange County Court files. Also, he is far from sober.

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