Dr Phil: Tips For Marital Compromise & The Doctors’ Mommy Makeover


Dr Phil: Should Amanda Get a Tummy Tuck?

Amanda is fighting with her fiancé Ali about getting plastic surgery. After five kids and losing 100 pounds, Amanda’s skin is sagging and her breasts are deflated. She wants surgery to feel better and gain more confidence in her body.

Dr Phil: Tips For Marital Compromise & The Doctors' Mommy Makeover

Dr Phil agreed to send Amanda’s profile to The Doctors in hopes of securing her a mommy makeover.


Ali is dead set against the plastic surgery. If Amanda does go through with it, he’s threatening to call off their marriage. Ali said they don’t have the money and what money they have should go toward their children’s futures. He doesn’t believe that women should get plastic surgery and likes them to be natural.

Dr Phil: Ali’s Wandering Eyes

Amanda said her fiancé watches The Price Is Right every day for the leggy, beautiful models. This hurts her because he gives them looks that she desperately wants. Ali admits he watches it and does look at other women, but he loves Amanda.

Dr Phil said that in a poll 70% of men would rather amputate a body part than go bald. Ali agreed slightly and Dr Phil told him it’s the same feeling for Amanda and her body.


Dr Phil: Getting Plastic Surgery For the Right Reasons

While some people want plastic surgery to make their lives better or to get a man, Amanda wants it to look better in her clothes. She wants to go to the pool with her kids and be able to wear a swimsuit with confidence.

Dr Phil said that is a good reason to get plastic surgery. The problem is that she is insecure about being an ugly wife and Ali is insecure about having a pretty wife. Ali is afraid she’ll be too beautiful and raise the bar too high.

Dr Phil: Dealing With Marital Problems

Dr Phil asked Amanda and Ali to look at their issues and rank them on a scale of one to 10. Then you can find a way to compromise on disagreements and accomodate each other’s needs.

Without focusing on the finances, Ali cares at about a five. With the finances as a factor they both say they are a 10 in their opinions.

Dr Phil agreed to send Amanda’s profile to The Doctors. With any luck they may choose her for an all-expenses-paid makeover.


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