Dr Phil: Teen Mom Needs To Grow Up & Cannot Abdicate Role As Parent


Dr Phil: Kayla Needs To Grow Up

Kayla is a teen mom that got pregnant because she didn’t like to use protection and wanted to be on 16 & Pregnant. It’s not a glamorous life being turned down for the reality show and still being a teen mom. She handed custody to her mom, Jill. The baby’s father, Vincent, wants custody but was determined to be too immature to handle a baby.

Dr Phil told Kayla she needs to grow up. She doesn’t think she has anything left to offer the baby because she has no money, no car and no job. Dr Phil told her that she could love, nurture and set an example for Milo. He could grow up knowing that his mom was always by his side.


Dr Phil: Teen Mom Needs To Grow Up & Cannot Abdicate Role As Parent

Dr Phil told Kayla she has to grow up and that she cannot abdicate her role as a mom.

Dr Phil: Kayla’s Sister Stacy

The last piece of the puzzle is Kayla’s sister, Stacy. She told Dr Phil that Kayla and a friend were having a contest with Vincent and his brother to see who could get pregnant first. A few months after Kayla got pregnant, Stacy found out she was pregnant. Kayla called her sister and berated her for “stealing her thunder.”

Stacy quit having a relationship with her sister after Kayla gave her baby to her mother. She believes that mothers should be with their babies. Kayla needs a reality check, Stacy said. She and Vincent need to step up and be parents.


Finally, Stacy said that Kayla never handed her baby over. Kayla “dumped” him on their mother.

Dr Phil: Speaking Up For Baby Milo

By this point both families were screaming, arguing and calling names. Dr Phil stopped it all and asked why no one had spoken up for baby Milo.

Dr Phil diagnosed Kayla as a spoiled brat. Everywhere she goes, the fight follows. He told her that she needs to grow up and take her role as a mom seriously. She can not abdicate that role.

As for Vincent, “Grow up and keep your pants zipped, Slick,” Dr Phil advised. Vincent and Kayla need to go to parenting classes, get smart and co-parent their baby. It’s time that they raise Milo above all else and put their own selves aside. Amen, Dr Phil.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

If you want your daughter to avoid teen pregnancy, Dr Phil suggests telling her three things. First, teach her to value herself and not let others use her body for entertainment. She needs to just say no. Second, if she “loves” a boy, she shouldn’t make him be a teen father. Finally, statistics show that teen fathers will not be there for the baby or for the mother. There are exceptions, but not many.


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