Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules For Winners & Life Code Review

Dr Phil Life Code Review

After talking with feuding sisters and identifying them as BAITERs, Dr Phil offered advice and solutions. In Life Code, Dr Phil wants to help people become their best selves. He said that the old rules just don’t apply anymore and it’s time for a new rule book. It the book he outlines the “Sweet 16,” 16 rules that winners follow to be their best selves and trump others at the game of life.

Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules for Winners

Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules For Winners & Life Code Review

In order to win, Rebecca needs to look at the Sweet 16 and come at life from a place of strength.


The “Sweet 16” are rules that Dr. Phil said all winners play by. These are things that losers refuse to do. He told Rebecca if what you’re doing in life isn’t working, don’t you think you should change.

  1. Defined image 
  2. Perception of uniqueness
  3. Play “big”
  4. Accept praise
  5. Become essential
  6. Know your real currency
  7. Always have a plan
  8. Keep things close to the vest
  9. Investigatory mode 
  10. Behave your way to success
  11. Keep options open
  12. Master the system
  13. Nucleus of supporters
  14. Deal only with truth
  15. Use others’ ego
  16. Pick your battles 

Dr Phil: Rebecca’s Sweet 16

Dr Phil said Rebecca is going about life with a defeated attitude. If she wants to move past what he sister did to her she needs to define her image and think about success. He said winners play big and don’t like other people star in their lives. Rebecca needs to look at who and what is taking over her life. She needs to ask herself what truly matters. This will help he define her real currency and not settle. Dr Phil said Rebecca needs to have a plan and a group of supporters that life her up. Her sister Pamela needs to fight to get back  into the supporter role and if she doesn’t make the cut Rebecca needs to cut her off.

By applying the “Sweet 16” to her life, Rebecca can come at her life and relationships from a place of strength, not weakness.



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