Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules For Winners & Applying Them To Victoria’s Life


Dr Phil: Victoria’s Obsession

Victoria knows her obsession with her ex-boyfriend Nathan has gone too far. She’s come to Dr. Phil to get help and get over the boy that is defining her life. She sends him hundreds of calls and thousands of texts every day in hopes of getting him back in her life. She’s tried to get pregnant with his baby because he is still calling her and sending her mixed signals.

Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules For Winners & Applying Them To Victoria's Life

Dr. Phil wanted Victoria to start winning at life. She needs to apply rules from other winners to succeed.


Dr Phil: Victoria’s Letter

Dr. Phil dissected the letter she sent to him asking for help. She told him she was in a “downward spiral,” “devastated” and feeling “a little crazy.” Dr. Phil wanted her to look at the words and look at her life. Words are powerful, he told her. She may feel like she’s completely insane, but she’s really not. She’s just a little confused.

Dr Phil was thrown off by Victoria’s pitch for national television. She wrote that perhaps someone will see the show and offer her help. Obviously, Dr. Phil plans to help her see that she is too young to be throwing her life away on Nathan.

Dr Phil: Sweet 16 & Victoria

In Life Code, Dr Phil talks about his Sweet 16 rules for winners. He wants Victoria to take away the lessons from winners and apply them to her life.

  • Winners have a defined image of who they are. 
  • Winners know their real currency. Nathan is not Victoria’s real currency. She needs to feel good about herself, that’s what matters.
  • Winners always have a plan. Texting thousands of times a day and stalking him in the cold is a bad plan.
  • You should behave your way to success. Look at people that have succeeded and behave that way.
  • Winners deal only with the truth. They do not deal with false words and signals from a boyfriend.

Dr Phil told Victoria that Nathan was in the building and was going to be coming out next. He wanted her to keep her cool and stayed united with him to move forward on her life.


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