Dr Phil: Support For Troops Coming Home & Mike’s Relationship With Son


Dr Phil: Lying Spouses

Mike and Kim are in a hard place. He lied to her for years and put their family in financial ruin. He came home from serving in the military to find himself with no job and no idea what to do.

Dr Phil: Support For Troops Coming Home & Mike's Relationship With Son

Mike is getting help with finding a job after his military career from Dr. Phil.


Dr Phil said Mike just wasn’t thinking about the consequences. He understood that Mike thought he would get a job and be able to fix the lies before Kim found out. He didn’t tell anyone because he was ashamed and too proud to say he didn’t have a job. The lies snowballed and soon he was lost under them. He became a slave to the lies and made horrible choices.

Dr Phil: Mike’s Future

While his relationship with Kim is destroyed, Mike still owes it to himself and his son to fix their situation. Mike’s son thinks he is a shell of a man. Dr. Phil promised to put measures in place to fix their situation and get their relationship back to a healthy place.

Dr Phil: Support For Troops

Mike’s situation is not unheard of. Many people are discharged from the military and come home to no job or job options. Dr. Phil wants to help change this, and so he’s offering Mike help. He verified that Mike did fight with honor in the military. He knows it is hard to come from that situation of responsibility and leadership to come home to nothing.


Dr Phil thinks help should have been available to Mike. He’s going to get him resumé building help and enlist a professional head hunter to get Mike a proper job. The past is in the past, but it’s time to focus on the future.

Dr. Phil’s final comments were a caution to be investigatory. The game of life is changing and it’s important to learn the new rules rather than sit on the sidelines.


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