Dr. Phil: Sociopath Writes Book To Show That “They Aren’t That Bad”


Dr Phil: Hello, My Name Is “M.E.” & I Am a Sociopath

Going by the moniker of “M.E.” because she is not ready to reveal her true identity, a woman is claiming to be a sociopath that has been hiding in plain sight. She claims to have been diagnosed as a sociopath due to her shallow emotions, superficially charming nature and lack of guilt. She claims to have built herself a persona over the years, complete with an accent that might be foreign, so that she can convince people that she is from a foreign country.

One of her favorite pastimes – and this falls in line with her affinity for convincing others she’s from a foreign country – is to mess with people’s heads. She enjoys gaining their trust and becoming something of a puppeteer. When she thinks of ruining someone, she can’t help but salivate…much like someone might salivate at a juicy steak, says “M.E.”


For all those hearts she has struck fear in, there is some good news. M.E. does have a moral code, and is even a practicing Morman. She had a normal upbringing, has held attorney positions of high power with large salaries and is now a law professor.

Oh, she also happens to have written a book called Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight. Surely, none of this has to have anything to do with selling books…right?

Dr. Phil: Sociopath Writes Book To Show That "They Aren't That Bad"

M.E., self professed sociopath, talked about her sociopathy.


Confessions Of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight Review

So, what made M.E. decide to write the book? It is actually a continuation of a blog she started writing back in 2008, cleverly titled Sociopath World. She started writing the blog after she was fired from a well-paying job and exited a relationship. It was at this time that she realized a pattern of regular self-destruction in her life. Every two or so years, she would make enough bad decisions in her life to have everything fall apart, and she came to the show to end this cycle.

M.E. Is a Diagnosed Sociopath

M.E. said that a few friends suggested that she might be a sociopath, so she met with a psychologist…just to make sure. Dr. Phil, after hearing all of this, was quick to point out that everything she is saying is inconsistent with sociopathy, and wondered if she was speaking now in the cultured accent that she claimed to have. “I think so,” M.E. said. Apparently, she has worked on it to the point where it is familiar to her, and many people don’t actually hear it at all.

M.E. Has Multiple Personalities

M.E. claims to shape her personality to the situation, and she doesn’t really have a personality at all, but a variety of personas to come out when called upon by a social context. Dr. Phil wanted to know which one of those he was speaking with now, and she couldn’t really say. She seems to be so crazy, that she can’t even keep her personalities straight.

Speaking of crazy, M.E. says that she loves to exploit admirers, and fantasizes about killing babies and “cute” animals, because that ‘s what sociopaths come on national television to talk about. M.E. is revealing all of this grotesque information because she wants to demystify sociopaths because, you know what? They’re not all that bad, according to her.



  1. Jane Wilson says

    The anonymous woman is Lenore Skenazy, a married mother of two from Queens, NY. She also has been dubbed the “worst mother” by the Huffington Post in 2008. She also can be seen on page 4 of Psychology Today. Her self-proclaimed beauty and accomplishment is inaccurate. Google Lenore Skenazy.

  2. sue says

    oh i would love to meet ME that was on dr phils show. shes just a bored, upper middle class idiot thinks she has ‘skills’. i love people like her. i love to put them in the mind set they claim they can do to others. show them what fear is so they stop acting the fool! who goes on tv in disguise, proudly claiming they are a sociopath? let me meet her. belive me, you’d love watching me talk to her.

  3. Luna Prey says

    Hi, Daniel!

    I think your review is a bit biased! Dr. Phil was biased too.

    Anyway, I love video games too!

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