Dr Phil: Signs of Autism & Help From Dr Frank Lawlis’ PNP Center


Dr Phil Talks to Troubled Teen, Notices Lying & Neurological Problems

Phyllis has written Dr Phil over 800 times in hopes that she could get help for her son Brandon. He is out of control, has rage issues, attacks his parents and others, and has taken to stealing women’s underwear.

Dr Phil: Signs of Autism & Help From Dr Frank Lawlis' PNP Center

Dr Phil and Dr Frank Lawlis talked about the signs that troubled teen Brandon exhibits and how they could be due to autism.


Dr Frank Lawlis, Chairman of the Dr Phil advisory board, and Dr Phil met with Brandon alone. They observed that he was straightforward with a lot of things, but was not clear about how he stole underwear and where he got it. They thought that his thought process was unsophisticated and expected him to tell a better story for his age level.

Dr Phil didn’t want to press the sore points with Brandon because nothing would be gained from that. He said Brandon behaved like a four-year-old caught red handed, but he is a teenager. He doesn’t believe that Brandon is thinking introspectively.

Troubled Teen On 23 Medications, Stimulants & Dr Phil Pre-Diagnoses Autism

Back with Phyillis and Barry, Dr Phil said that Brandon’s 23 medications are not helping and are hurting. Some of the drugs combat others and there are stimulants in there, which Brandon’s brain does not need.


Without doing a full work up, Dr Phil believes that Brandon is autistic. Without proper treatment and mistreatment, Brandon is in serious trouble. Things get worse instead of better without diagnosis and treatment. There are things that he’s never been tested for that he needs to be.

Dr Frank Lawlis, PNP Center Treatment for Autism

The PNP Treatment Center is run by Dr Frank Lawlis. Dr Lawlis believes that Brandon needs a brain map so they can start treatment. His brain processing and rage reactions fit the description of autism.

Brandon can be treated and learn to develop. These are non-invasive procedures that the PNP Center offers. Dr Phil offered to send the family to the center in Texas to work on neurological therapies with Dr Lawlis. They happily accepted.



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