Dr Phil: Sibling Wars & Dealing With Toxic Relationships


Dr Phil: Sibling Wars

Fighting sisters Kari and Holly haven’t talked in three years because they don’t agree with how the other runs her life. Holly resents Kari for cheating on her husband and leaving her family. Kari doesn’t like that her sister tries to be a moral police in her life and stood up for her ex-husband at their divorce hearing. Can Dr. Phil help these sisters reconcile?

Dr Phil: Cheating Scandals

Dr Phil: Dealing With Toxic Relationships & Cheating Scandals

Dr Phil said Holly and Kari need to love each other and move past their fight.


Holly said that Kari has a long list of problems in her life. She had an affair and left her family and has never been held accountable for anything. She said Kari has borrowed, stolen or conned $20,000 from her and her parents over the years.

Kari said none of that is true, besides the affair. She was hurt when her family stood by her ex-husband in court. Kari claimed that her ex abused her and much of the hearing was about domestic violence. Holly said Kari made the whole thing up and was never abused by her ex-husband.

Dr Phil: Sister Relationships

The sisters feuded over the past and Dr. Phil said it was good for them to talk things through. The thing they shouldn’t do is keep blaming each other. They should love each other no matter what and move past their problems. The sisters agreed that they didn’t want to lose each other over the decisions they had made. Dr Phil said they don’t have to apologize but they need to talk it through and love each other.


Dr Phil: Dealing With Toxic Relationships

Dr Phil gave his final thoughts on dealing with toxic relationships, whether it’s an obsessive friend or a hurtful sibling. He recommends that you be aware that not everyone in your life has your best interests at heart. You should go with your instincts.


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