Dr Phil Searching For Answers, Rebuilding Relationships After 32 Years


Dr Phil: Desperately Searching

Three siblings have been searching for answers for 32 years. Their father abused them horribly as kids and they wondered all along where their mother was. Why didn’t she protect them? Muriel asked Dr. Phil and The Locator Troy Dunn to help her find the answers.

They found her mother, Brenda Lee, after 32 years. She told them that she tried every day to find her kids, but their father threatened to kill them all if she came near them.


Dr Phil Searching For Answers, Rebuilding Relationships After 32 Years

Brenda tried to find her children using private investigators and the internet, but had no luck.

Dr Phil: Letters From Ralph

After reuniting with her now grown kids, Brenda brought things she saved for them over the years. She gave them the clothes she brought them home from the hospital in and their birth certificates.

She told them that she would get photos from their father Ralph. He sent her baby pictures and notes saying, “See what you’re missing.”


Brenda Lee hired a private investigator, but after getting the letters from Ralph threatening to kill the kids she was advised to stop. She had a friend put things on the internet every year with her information and who the kids were in hopes of finding them. She told Muriel that she never stopped looking for them.

Dr Phil: Brandi’s Concerns

The youngest daughter Brandi wanted her mother when she was a kid and was only three-months-old when her father kidnapped them. She told Brenda Lee that she didn’t understand what could stop her from coming for them.

Brenda Lee said she understood, but she thought that by leaving them there she was saving them. Ralph would have killed them if she came for them. It doesn’t justify it, she said, but she thought she was doing the right thing.

Dr Phil: Brenda Lee’s Children

They had an older half brother, Greg. Muriel said she found out that he died. He was out the day they were taken from their mother, but Brenda Lee said Ralph would not have taken Greg. He was not Ralph’s son.

Greg died in a tractor accident, but Brenda Lee remarried and had another son, Andy. He came and said he had been trying to find his siblings for years on the internet but had no luck.

Dunn said that he believes things happen at the right time for a reason. He uses extensive technology to find people and will be on Dr. Phil more this season helping other families find their loved ones.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

Dr. Phil said that bonding may come sooner for some than others. Brandi may want very little to do with her mom, while it looks like Muriel had an instant connection. They must bond based on shared experiences and not just because of their genetics. He wants the siblings to hear Brenda Lee out and hopes they can build a relationship with her. This could have healing for them all.

He sent the family to lunch to talk more. He told them to tell each other what they hope and dream for their relationship. He told them to accept it, not judge it. It’s okay to be cautious.


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